What is the best free invoice app?

If you are a freelancer or managing your own business, you already know how difficult it is to juggle work while keeping track of your financial responsibilities. Working on your own is a lot harder than when you are working for another person. When you choose this path, all of your success and failure rests on your shoulders.

One of the most important things that you need to do as a freelancer or a self-employed individual is to make sure that you are getting paid by your clients on time. This is the reason why proper invoicing is essential. 

What is an invoice? 

An invoice is a record of your transaction with a client, detailing the products or services rendered and how much you should be paid. It also serves as a legal protection for you and your client especially if you encounter problems regarding payments. An invoice is comprised of the following essential elements:

  • Business information
  • Client information
  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Description of goods and services rendered
  • Itemized fees
  • Total amount due
  • Payment methods

When you invoice your client, you want to include all of the important details so that it will be clear to the client what goods or products they are being charged for. But creating invoices from scratch every time a client hires you for a project can be time-consuming. It will take up a lot of your time that can be used for more important things. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem that will ease your invoicing burden.

What is an invoice generator?

An invoice generator is an online tool that is used by a lot of freelancers and self-employed individuals to create professional-looking invoices from a blank template. It allows you to customize your invoices with important business information and other specific elements. Best of all, it will save you time and effort over manually filling out invoice templates. You will also save money as opposed to hiring a bookkeeper or paying for an expensive accounting tool. When you finish creating an invoice from this tool, you can download it and send it to your client in print-friendly formats. 

To have a better understanding of how an invoice generator tool works, let’s compare two tools available on the market today: Invoice Creator and Zoho Free Invoice Generator.

Invoice Creator

Invoice Creator is a free invoice generator tool created by FreshBooks, an online accounting software. It is simple and very easy to use that you can create an invoice in just a matter of minutes, leaving you with more time to work on your other projects. With Invoice Creator, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Customizable invoice templates
  • Download and send invoices in PDF format
  • Create invoices in 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Voice recognition (Siri Shortcuts)
  • Create and send unlimited invoices

This invoice generator tool is also available on mobile and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free. With this feature, you can now create and send invoices to your client anytime, anywhere on the go. 

Zoho Free Invoice Generator

The Zoho Free Invoice Generator is another tool to create invoices instantly. Just like the Invoice Creator, you can customize your invoice with all of your important business information and other necessary elements. This tool is also free to download on your mobile phone so you can create and send invoices on the go.

However, if you are looking for more features such as adding discounts or designing your invoices, you will have to sign up for a Zoho Invoice account to access these features. 

What free invoice generator should I use?

While Invoice Creator and the Zoho Free Invoice Generator share similar features, the Invoice Creator is the best option to use. Unlike Zoho, you can add your business logo and use colors to set your invoice apart from others. This feature allows you to break away from the standard blank template and put your business’s personality in your invoice. Other features like adding discounts, using other currencies, and creating invoices in a different language is available in the Invoice Creator while you have to sign up for a Zoho Invoice account to be able to use them. 

If you are looking for a free invoice template tool that will give you more features, Invoice Creator is the best and easiest option. Create your free invoice today!

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