What is an invoice template?

An invoice template is a blank invoice that has the common things you expect to see on any invoice but allows you to fill it out and customize each section to your own specific needs. Every business from contractors to lawyers need to use invoices to properly bill their clients, keep track of financial records, and ensure they are being paid for work done or goods being purchased. Many people may assume, incorrectly, that in order to have access to an invoice template they may need to pay for an expensive application or invest in a new program like Word. Although Word can get the job done, there are many more resources that a new or small business can utilize to perform all of their invoicing needs online for a lower price than the cost of Microsoft Office and even for free!

Why Are Invoices So Important?

When creating invoices, it is important to do so in a professional manner. It is commonplace for an invoice to be the first time a new customer sees your business’s name on paper and is the first official document they may receive from you so it is important to make a good impression. High quality invoices will also assure your customers they are working with a professional organization and they will appreciate being able to find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. The best way to create professional grade invoices, without paying for an expensive accounting software, is with one of many online Invoice Generators. Some of these generators are actually free! 

What is an Invoice Generator?

An invoice generator is a tool that allows anyone, no matter their level of experience, to create high quality professional invoices, all online without having to purchase an accounting software package. There are many providers for free online invoice template generators so it is important to take a look at some of the top competitors to decide which is best for you. Remember to consider the number of clients you have, how your clients would like to pay, the frequency you will be sending invoices, and which features you are looking for in your invoice management. Here are some of our top picks for online invoice template generators.

Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks

First we will take a look at Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks, one of the simplest and easiest but complete invoice template generators. Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks has a unique step by step guide, like a wizard, that instructs the user on how to fill in each section of the invoice to make sure every vital section of the invoice is filled out completely. This feature alone makes Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks approachable for even the most inexperienced people when it comes to accounting. Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks invoices come out looking very professional and high quality and the best part is Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks offers their invoice template generator completely free. However, where some services stop there Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks doesn’t. It is integrated with an additional complete accounting software program. For a low monthly fee they will send the invoice and inform you where and when the client opened it to avoid any issues with payment. Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks also offers services like recurring invoices being sent automatically, while keeping detailed records of every invoice for financial reports and taxes. 


Another commonly used basic, but free online invoice template generator is Aynax. Aynax offers a simple package that enables users to quickly populate an invoice and immediately print or save them to get the job done fast. The speed Aynax allows invoices to be created without much thought but misses out on having a complete and professional looking invoice. Aynax may work for your needs and it does then great, but most will be left wanting more.

Make Your Choice Wisely

Overall, it is most important that business owners start to utilize the vast variety of options when it comes to invoice templates. Gone are the days of fidgeting with Word documents or just copying over your invoice from last year. With the technology available today anyone can make a professional grade invoice.

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