The Best Invoicing Apps For iOS / iPhone

Running your own business or working as a freelancer means that you have to monitor your own accounts, including your inventory and order status. When you’ve completed an order, it’s crucial that you send timely reminders to clients if you actually want to get paid on time. All this means you’ll need the right system to help you create invoices and monitor pending work.

A well-made invoice should be able to give you a complete overview of an order’s details at a glance. You should be able to readily see when something due, how much you should be paid, and who owes you payment. Without a good invoice system, it’ll be difficult for you to remember to bill your clients on time and collect due payments. This will lead to irregular cash flow, and without a reliable source of income trickling in, you may encounter difficulties in managing your business expenses.

Because orderly and timely invoicing is so critical to maintaining a steady cash flow, many businesses have their own templating system. However, many of these are still paper, and take up space or are prone to loss. As an environmentally-friendly, space-saving option, online invoicing is becoming a more popular alternative. iPad or iPhone users can manually create their own invoices on their devices, but that can eat up a lot of time which would be better spent finishing orders or sending out completed projects. So what is the best way to get your accounts in order and fix your invoicing system?

An easy and inexpensive fix is to choose from one of the many affordable invoice apps to sort out your billing system. Many businesses use an invoice app to organize their accounts and send out reminders for payments online. If you’re interested in streamlining your collection service, keep reading to find out more about how to make an invoice on your iPad or iPhone, and why you should consider using invoicing software if you don’t have the time to do this.

How Do I Create An Invoice On My iPad Or iPhone?

You can actually create a simple invoice using your Numbers app for iPhone or iPad. The Numbers app has its own template for invoicing, so to start, just open the app on your device. Tap ‘Create New’. Under the Templates’ Business Section, you’ll see the Invoice template. Select this, then tap on any of the fields on the form to edit them, including business name, item descriptions, the total payment due, and the quantity ordered.

If you want to edit margins, fonts, and other design features on your invoice, tap the paintbrush icon on the app. To create graphs or charts, or add photos, go to the top bar and tap the plus symbol. Once you’re done creating the invoice, you can send it online by tapping the send symbol—this is the square with the arrow pointed upwards.

You can send the invoice online in different formats, whether it’s PDF, CSV, or as an Excel file. When you’re done choosing the format for sending, tap the platform you’ll be using for sending the invoice. You can send it via message, or simply choose to email it to your client. Enter the client’s email address, then tap ‘send’. The invoice will then be attached to the message.

This is fine if your business is only handling a handful of orders at a time, but if you start to get more work orders, you’ll need a more efficient reminder system so you’re paid faster.

Manage Your Cash Flow With Invoicing Apps For iPhone or iOS

With an invoicing app, you can send invoices with just one tap of your smartphone. Create invoices no matter where you are and send them out to clients as soon as the job is done. You’ll have a much better time tracking for orders when you have the right invoice software. They also have the advantage of being able to combine invoice creation functions with accounting features, making them a must for any online business.

There are many invoicing apps that provide their basic templates and services for free, but it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to take advantage of their premium features and maximize your time. Here are five of the best invoicing apps which will help you manage your business more efficiently.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is often ranked by many users as one of the best invoicing apps, particularly if you’re looking for an app for iPhone or iPad. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android, and it allows you to send an invoice anywhere, with a time tracking feature and expenses monitoring for easy billing. This will help you keep within the allocated budget and adjust your pricing estimates for your clients’ projects. It has a recurring invoice feature, which is great if you’re dealing with regular clients. It also features tax time monitoring so you never miss an accounting deadline.

Because the FreshBooks app can be used for your iPad and iPhone, you can bill clients no matter where you go or what device you have on hand. It also offers several payment reminders prior to billing, and multiple payment methods like credit cards and bank deposits, which is a godsend for those dealing with international clients. It’s a perfect invoicing solution of choice for many freelancers and businesses because it can automate invoicing, expense organization, and follow up with clients. You can practically use it hands-free! Try the 30-day free trial, and if you think it’s a good fit, you can get the Lite plan at $15 per month, or the Premium plan at $50 per month.

2. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is another good invoice app for iPhone users who want to create invoices with different languages, for clients who pay online with different currencies. Apart from their time tracking feature and customizable templates, businesses can invoice up to five customers per year on their free version. With Zoho Invoice’s professional version, you can send as many online invoices as you want, and create a custom domain. It also has a 10-user feature that allows you to delegate the invoice app use with ease in your business team.

3. Invoice2Go

This nifty little invoice app is particularly handy for those who need to process a lot of credit card transfers and track payments. Using Invoice2Go, businesses can send payment reminders to clients, create and export expense reports, and make graphs and charts for monitoring your finances. With just a few clicks on its neat dashboard, you can see if an invoice has been opened, paid, or has run overdue, making it a snap to monitor the status of all your finished and sent work. Their unlimited plan is only $8.99 a month, but you can test out this invoice app’s free trial to see if their report-generating feature is right for your business.

4. Invoicera

Small businesses and online consultants alike are fans of this invoicing app for iPhone. Invoicera provides custom invoice templates so you can customize them for different clients or businesses. One of its unique features is that it allows you to add single or group taxes, so accounting will be much easier even if you’re computing this on your own. This invoice app also has an automated late fee, which is a perfect way to motivate clients to pay you on time. There’s a lifetime free trial, but you can also get the Business Plan at $29 per month, or even their Infinite Plan at $149 per month.

5. Invoicely

A popular choice for small businesses, this invoicing app is compatible with both Android and iOS, which makes it ideal for those with multiple devices. Invoicely creates reports which helps you track finances and your business inventory. The Invoicely invoicing app for iPhone also links transactions to employees, making it easier to pay on a commission basis or distribute tips. It has a free plan, but for access to the full suite of features, you can opt for their Basic Plan at $9.99 per month, the Professional Plan at $19.99 per month, or the Enterprise Plan at $29.99 per month.

Invoicing Apps Can Help You Multi-Task

Apart from creating invoices, a good invoicing app will help you look at your inventory and note due dates for payment. These apps also come with online payment so you can get compensated right away, as well as tax computations and inventory management.

Bookkeeping extends to accounting as well as inventory management, so by using an invoicing app that has these extra features, you can streamline two functions in one without wasting time or having to hire more people.

Get Paid On Time With The Help Of Invoicing Software

Save yourself the trouble of creating tracking all of your business billables and get an invoicing app to start tracking payments effortlessly. These five apps are all solid options for making invoices, but if you want to go the extra mile, get FreshBooks as your invoicing solution. Their payment reminder system, repeat invoice feature, and multiple payment options are all handy tools for any small business or freelancer that needs to juggle a lot of orders. The free trial is fine, but the paid invoice app has more features that are worth the extra dollars.

Having ready access to your accounts and seeing an updated summary of all pending orders and payments is a must for any organization. Stop resorting to printed invoices that you can easily lose or forget, and start transitioning to online invoicing for better bookkeeping. It’s a cost-efficient, space-saving solution that can help you monitor sales and payments without physical documents.

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