The Best Invoicing Apps For Android

Every company needs an organized invoicing system to help them follow-up with client payments! Most old-school business owners rely on simple paper invoices—but trail-blazing entrepreneurs are turning to invoicing apps to help them manage their orders.

Online invoicing may soon overtake paper invoices as the billing method of choice, especially for online freelancers and small companies. Want to learn more about how to create invoices using apps? Keep reading to find out how using the right invoicing app can help you optimize your business, along with the 5 best invoicing apps for Android.

4 Great Reasons To Switch To Paperless Invoicing

Paperless Invoices Don’t Get Lost Or Need Physical Storage

One of the biggest drawbacks of physical invoicing is that you need to store all the invoices safely and keep them in order. If you don’t have a proper filing system, you may lose track of an invoice and find it hard to contact a client for payment. You’ll also need a dedicated area to store all these records in, and constantly buy fresh supplies of your company’s paper invoices to keep billing correctly.

But with an invoicing app, all the information you need about an order will be stored on the cloud and in your phone by invoicing software. There’s no need to set aside space in a cabinet, jot down client details in a contact book, or worry about that missing slip of paper.

You’ll Never Overlook An Order’s Details

An invoicing app will help you create invoices, customize invoice templates for specific customers, and track inventory and taxes if it has operating and management features. It can even send automated reminders to nudge your customers to pay on time. Because there are ready templates, you won’t forget to include important details like a client’s email addresses, contact numbers, or the description of a job order.

Online Invoicing Allows For Easy Team Delegation

If you’re worried about being able to delegate the task of invoicing management across a team, several Android apps have paid features which allow designation of jobs to more than one person. These will help you manage billing and accounting tasks with ease, so you’ll have more time for completing pending orders.

Ready Templates Let You Finish More Invoices And Send Them ASAP

The biggest draw of an invoicing app is the ability to send an invoice anytime, anywhere. As long as it’s installed on your device and you have an internet connection, you can create and send out an invoice no matter where you are in the world, so you can finish work and track your business’ orders on the go. This is especially ideal for freelancers and small-scale entrepreneurs who need to make an invoicing system from scratch, as you only need to adapt the app’s structure instead of creating a completely new invoicing and tracking set-up.

Ranking The Best Invoice Apps For Android

There are plenty of different invoicing apps on the market! It should be noted that these choices offer access to different features, depending on whether you’re using the free version or one of the paid options. Read on to find out how these five apps can streamline your payment system.

1. FreshBooks

Switching from paper to online invoicing is a snap with this Android and iOS friendly app. With FreshBooks, businesses can easily convert their device contacts into FreshBook clients that they can invoice right away. It also allows you to work offline and sync the finished work once you’re back online.

You can also track the status of any invoice at a glance and check if there are overdue payments. There’s even an automated invoice option, which is perfect for businesses dealing with regular orders from the same clients.

One of the best features of this app is the time tracking for monitoring billable minutes; this allows you to charge clients accurate and reliable prices for their orders. It also allows easy online payments via bank deposit or credit card, which is perfect when dealing with international customers. 

While many Android apps help you create invoice templates, FreshBooks is a cut above the rest because it includes accounting and expense tracking, which are key features for any business looking to manage a steady cash flow and sort out finances.

2. Invoice2Go

The Invoice2Go app for Android already has ready templates if you don’t want to spend extra time on customization, and it saves client information like payment details for future billing so you don’t have to keep filling in the same fields. With just a few taps on your phone, you can calculate the estimates for a service or manage purchase orders, or the tax due on your income from orders.

It also allows you to see if your client has already viewed the sent invoice, and you can create financial reports, graphs and charts so you can review your cash flow easily. The Invoice2Go invoice maker app can provide unlimited service at $8.99 a month, but you can get the free trial to see if their reporting features are a good fit for your company.

3. Invoice By Wave

Small businesses need to keep their expenses as low as possible, especially if they’re just starting out. Fortunately, there are free invoice apps that can help you do paperless invoicing without having to shell out extra cash. This one by Wave requires you to create a Wave account, but once you’ve made one, you can get access to this app’s invoicing and accounting features. Use it to send invoices through the app, Google Mail, or Outlook, and track invoices to see if they’ve been seen by clients.

You can also create special payment terms for specific orders, remind customers to pay, or upload your receipts. The payment features for bank deposits and credit cards aren’t free, but if you’re just starting out, this is a great way to make the switch to paperless invoices.

4. Billdu

Being able to send an invoice as soon as you’ve completed an order is key to getting paid faster. With the clean, intuitive user interface of Billdu, it’ll be easier for you to create invoices for multiple orders within minutes. You can use the app to help create order estimates, track your company inventory, and track your expenses. You can also upload receipts and export your files into different formats such as PDF or CSV. 

The offline mode allows you to access all your data and simply sync any of the updated information, and customers can select the “Pay Now” option provided on the Billdu invoice so you can collect payments right away.

5. Zoho Invoice

The Zoho Invoice app is ideal for businesses dealing with a lot of international customers, since you can use it to make invoices in different languages and currencies. The app’s invoice templates are very easy to customize, and it has a time tracking feature so you can monitor your billable hours per order.

Zoho Invoice’s free trial allows you to invoice up to five customers at a time, but freelancers may be interested in this invoice maker’s professional version, which allows unlimited invoicing. On the professional version, you can also assign use to up to ten people—perfect for growing businesses with a larger staff.

Manage Payments And Optimize Time Tracking With Invoicing Software

It will take some getting used to, but once you finally make the switch from paper to mobile invoice systems, you’ll see a notable increase in efficiency, particularly with collecting payments. Invoicing is a lot easier when you’re not neck deep in paper—invoicing apps are good for the environment, and even better for your bookkeeping.

If you’re not sure which app you should stick to, try out the free trials and assess their premium features. Some are more accounting-heavy, while others are more focused on helping inventory tracking. No matter what your business needs, there’s definitely an invoicing app out there that can get the job done!

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