Tech Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed as a Freelancer

In today’s world with a constantly changing workforce, freelancers are being forced to be more adaptable and flexible than ever. You may be working from home more these days, but one positive change is that every day there are more and more technological tools available to make your job easier. Freelancers get to be their own boss, but they also have to keep track of every single aspect of their business on their own — which can become overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into being a freelancer that most people probably don’t realize — even the freelancers themselves! Here are a few tech tools that will help lighten the load from the mundane tasks to the essentials of running your freelancing business.

1. Project Management Apps

If a freelancer is not organized, then everything else about the business will become a challenge. Use an app or program where you can upload all of your important files, organize them in folders, and store whatever documents you may need will save a ton of time when it comes to operating your business. This should definitely be a priority for every freelancer because it will help prevent losing documents and projects while keeping everything right in one place where it is just a few clicks away.

2. To-Do Lists / Time Management

Keeping everything you need to do up in your brain is a recipe for disaster. You will certainly lose track of it all or even worse — be late on deadlines or important dates. There are many programs where you can organize different to-do lists, keep a calendar, set deadlines and reminders, upload spreadsheets, add notes, and organize tasks. Using an app to keep track of this is great because then all of your important information is in one spot and you can visually see everything you have to do. This will make you feel less frazzled about a long to-do list and more confident in the fact that you’re getting everything done on time.

3. Invoice Generators

If you want to get paid as a freelancer, one thing you need to learn is how to generate invoice. The good news is that there are many apps out there that will do it for you as well as keep track of all past invoices and payments. Invoices generally include information such as the business name and address, client name and address, a unique invoice number, an invoice date, and payment details and due date. The important part of an invoice is that each one has its own unique number so you can easily track the payment. With an app to do all of this work for you though, you can be sure you will receive payments on time while also spending less time with formatting your invoices.

4. Accounting Software

One of the most daunting and sometimes difficult parts of freelancing is keeping track of all of your finances. This can include balancing income and expenses, taxes, deductibles, monthly, quarterly, and yearly analysis, and more. Luckily there are tons of apps out there that do all of that for you. It’s so important to keep all of your finances as organized as possible, because without a thorough and accurate budget, you’ll never know how poorly — or well! — your business is doing.

5. Legal Software

Most businesses have their own legal team to take care of any issues or legal paperwork that may come up. As a freelancer, the odds of you having your own legal team are slim, but you can take advantage of online legal apps. There are many out there that can help draft and format contracts, proposals, agreements, and other types of legally binding paperwork. This will help ensure that anything you sign or need to be signed is correctly done and holds up in the eyes of the law.

There are hundreds of thousands of tech tools and applications for freelancers to take advantage of in order to run a smooth, organized, and successful business. These are just a few of the most important ones so that you can dedicate most of your time to your product or service. Happy freelancing!

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