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Get paid quickly and with less frustration for all the amazing videos you produce for clients with a free videography invoice template. Create invoices in Word, Excel, Google Docs, Sheets and more, all with your custom branding. Browse our gallery of free invoice templates and choose the one that suits you best.

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You spend your days finding new, creative ways to tell people’s stories through video. Rather than worrying about whether or not the invoice you’re sending for your work is functional and professional, download a free customizable invoice that’s perfect for all your business needs.

Use Microsoft Word to customize your free invoice by changing colors and fonts, uploading photos and logos and more. Design your invoice in minutes.


Bill for your video production services with a free downloadable video quote template. Create and send professional invoices in minutes.


Want your invoicing available in the cloud? Use Google Sheets to customize and send your invoices from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Google Sheets

Free Videography Invoice Template

Get unlimited access to high-quality, customizable invoices for all your business needs. Download, edit and send instantly for quick invoicing anytime you need it.

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Spend less time creating professional invoices for your videography clients and more time honing your craft. You deserve an invoicing system that gives you everything you want – customizable templates, quick calculations, multiple formats and more – without spending tons of money on invoicing.

Get paid the way you want, when you want, with free videographer invoice templates.

Create invoices the way you want them, whenever you want them, and get paid faster for the work you do. Choose from a variety of customizable formats.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Bill for your work faster than ever before, giving you more time for the important parts of your business. Just download, edit and send in minutes.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

You’ve got an eye for a great shot. Getting paid for your creativity and hard work doesn’t have to be difficult. Download the template for free.

PDF, Google Docs

Keep track of your charges and expenses in a spreadsheet and seamlessly create invoices using formulas and calculations. Never miss an invoiceable expense again.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

As a freelancer, you work with lots of different clients. Keep individual information organized and create professional invoices in a snap.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Make invoicing for your work less of a headache. Download your free videographer invoice template, fill it out and send to your clients.

PDF, Microsoft Word

As a videographer, you may juggle multiple projects, both large and small, at once. It’s important that you’re able to keep the details of each project separate, and that you can quickly bill for your services.

Instead of hiring a bookkeeper or wrestling with confusing software, you can use a free videographer invoice template to bill for all your videography services in minutes, making getting paid faster than ever before.

Give your clients a clear, concise invoice that lists all charges, eliminating questions and decreasing the time until you get paid.

Whether you’re billing one client a month or 100, you can create professional-looking invoices that look as if you spent hours designing them.

You need to find the right invoice to fit your business. We can help.

Your invoice has to include all your necessary information, have space for each individual charge and look professional enough that you feel good sending it to your clients.

Rather than spending your whole day designing an invoice from scratch, using a free video production invoice in your business saves you time, money and frustration.

Some other benefits of choosing a free video production invoice template include:

✔ Templates are 100% free
✔ Organize and compile client information and charges
✔ Have everything you need come tax time
✔ Customize the template to suit your business
✔ Available in .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, .CSV formats and more

Create Videography Invoices in Minutes

Decrease your time spent invoicing with a video editing quotation template. Get paid how you want without worrying about frustrating follow-up. With FreshBooks, you can accept credit card payments, send recurring invoices, follow-up on overdue accounts, track expenses, track time and more.

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You take pride in providing your clients with a polished, professional finished videography project. Give them that same impression when sending your final invoice.

Sending an invoice that details all work you’ve done gives your client peace of mind knowing they can see exactly what they’re paying for. This decreases the questions and haggling over your invoices, meaning you get paid faster.

With FreshBooks, you can accept payment in any form you want for easy accounting and bookkeeping. Take payments from PayPal, ACH bank transfer, credit card, check or another method, and clearly note that on invoices for your clients.

Stay on top of all the essential financial tasks for your business with a well-designed invoice, including tracking client work, organizing information for taxes and knowing which payments you’ve received and which accounts are past due.

Get rid of the guesswork with a clear, concise invoice template for video production.

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