The Perfect Trucking Invoice Template

You put in the miles and hours every day to get your clients’ products from Point A to Point B. Your hard work deserves quick payment. The Trucker Invoice Template is here to help you bill your clients the right way. Create detailed and professional invoices in no time.

Choose the Best Invoice Template for Truck Drivers

You need to bill your clients for miles on the road, gas, products delivered and more. How do you decide on which invoice type is best for you? Now, you can compare a variety of truck invoices in order to find the perfect fit for your business.

Our collection of trucking invoice templates includes editable templates for Microsoft Word, Google Sheets and beyond. Pick the one that best compliments your trucking services.

Word invoice templates are well-suited for bills with short lists of charges. If you charge one price for a trip, this format is the best.


The trucking invoice Excel template is your best bet when it comes to billing for your trucking services, especially if you bill per mile or per hour.


Much like Excel, Google Sheets is great for billing for a wide range of services. Download this trucking invoice type below.

Google Sheets

How to Make a Trucking Invoice

To make a trucker invoice, start by downloading our professional invoice template. Fill in all of the listed sections and send it on its way. It’s that simple.

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The appropriate style of invoicing varies from industry to industry. Some invoices will be simple and others will provide a more detailed breakdown of the total cost. The best part of using our detailed invoice templates is that they are highly customizable, so you’ll always be able to create the invoice that best suits your needs.

Catering invoice templates include plenty of space to add an itemized list of the products and services provided. Download the invoice template below.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Freelance writers bill their clients several ways. Luckily, our invoice template is customizable and allows you to customize it to the billing style of your choice.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Construction invoices often dive into a detailed list of services provided. Get started with the construction invoice template for your business.

PDF, Google Docs

You can customize and print your invoice template to bill your clients as soon as you provide your house cleaning services.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Provide lawn care services to your clients? There’s an invoice for that. Download the template to get started.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

When mechanics bill their clients, there are two types of charges that are listed: labor and parts. Use the auto repair invoice template to make invoicing simple.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Using trucking invoices is a great way to ensure that you’re creating the perfect invoice for your trucking services. After all, you can rest easy knowing that all of the essential details are included.

An invoice for your trucking company will help you present all of the information to your clients in an organized and professional fashion. The right template helps you to bill your clients with no confusion. Maintaining a clear line of communication allows you to get paid on time, every time.

Our powerful accounting software offers truckers and trucking company owners an entire database of free professional invoice templates. Sign up today for free.

Getting paid is one of the main objectives when sending an invoice, but have you considered the other benefits? A well-written invoice is more than a bill for your clients to pay and toss in the trash. It can be used as a document for your financial records.

Explore the other benefits of using a trucking invoice template:

✔ Keep track of outstanding payments
✔ Customize the template according to your branding
✔ Document important information that will come in handy for filing taxes
✔ Impress your clients with a professional document
✔ Save time and money with free templates
✔ Save time and money with free templates

Send Trucking Invoices with Ease

Even with a trucker invoice template, there is room for human error. If you want to perfect your invoicing, try automated invoicing software. Start invoicing your clients automatically or with just a few clicks of a button.

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A trucking invoice template is a great tool for creating professional invoices, but there is one benefit that outshines the rest. It serves as a checklist for all of the essential components of a professional invoice. A template includes editable fields for you to add in your details so there are no delays or mistakes in your invoicing

First, customize the color, fonts and media to reflect your brand. From there, you can add your business’ name and contact information. Next, you’ll want to add the invoice date and unique invoice number, along with your client’s name and contact information.

This brings us to the most important part: the list of charges. Provide a breakdown of the services you’ve provided. As a trucker, you could use this section to factor in things like gas, time on the road, hauling equipment or added fees. Add the total amount due to the top of the trucking invoice. Include detailed payment instructions and conditions.

Once complete, you simply save the invoice and send it to your client.

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