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Running a small business is hard work. That’s why we created the free Small Business Invoice template to make one task in your business as simple as ever. Save time on your invoicing today with our templates.

Invoicing for Small Businesses Made Simple

Take control of your small business invoicing. With the free invoice template, you have fast and simple invoicing right at your fingertips. Just download, customize and send.

Love Microsoft Word? Create small business invoices within your favorite program with our free pre-made template.


Excel ahead of your business competitors with professional invoices that get you paid fast. Download the free template in Microsoft Excel Format.


Create custom invoices from anywhere with just a free template and an internet connection. Try the Google Sheets invoice template today.

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Fast Small Business Invoicing

Send a lot of invoices? Speed up the process with automated invoicing software.

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No matter what industry you’re in, you need a simple and professional way to bill your clients. With the free invoices for small businesses, you have a range of templates to choose from to suit any type of business.

If your small business offers graphic design services, you need an invoice that collects payment for your time and designs. Download for free.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Not quite a small business owner? As a contractor, you still need a way to bill your clients professionally and on time. We have the perfect invoice.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

You help your clients have a greater presence online. Grow your own small business with invoices that get you paid the right way.

PDF, Google Docs

You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, but creating invoices may not be your strong suit. Make invoicing simple with the Lawn Care Invoice template.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Whether you’re an independent small business owner or a solo freelancer, you deserve an invoice template that keeps it professional.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

You make homes look pretty, now it’s time to have invoices that match. Customize the invoice template according to your brand.

PDF, Microsoft Word

As a small business owner, you have your hands full when it comes to keeping new and existing clients happy, managing employees, running your marketing and more. However, one of the most basic yet important components of running a small business is getting paid for your work. If creating business form invoices is outside of your wheelhouse, then the free Small Business Invoice template is a must-have for your business. Simply download, customize and send to get paid quickly by your clients. It’s that simple.

Benefits of Using a Free Small Business Invoice Template

The benefits of using invoices for your small businesses go far beyond simply collecting payment. In fact, the free Small Business Invoice template can help you keep your business billing and finances in order and so much more.

✔ Send professional invoices that leave a great lasting impression on your clients
✔ Customize the business form invoice template according to your branding
✔ Keep track of outstanding invoices by keeping files on-hand
✔ Save money on your invoicing with ready-made invoices
✔ Invoice templates are available for any industry or business type
✔ Have your financials organized come tax time

Create Small Business Invoices for Free

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You started a small business for the freedom, the independence and the goal of making an impact in your customers’ lives. We make sure the responsibility of creating and sending invoices doesn’t get you down. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us. Here’s why the free Small Business Invoice Template is a perfect solution for you.


The invoice template is available in a variety of formats and for a variety of programs, including Microsoft Word, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Simply download the template in the format you like most.

Completely Free Invoice

Save money on your small business invoices. Our templates are always free and always ready for you to use.


Customize your invoices with your own small business branding to add that professional touches to your invoices.

Never Miss the Details

All our small business invoices include editable fields so that you always include the details you need in order to get paid correctly and on time.

Send Invoices Fast

Once your invoice is filled out, it’s ready to send to your client via email or regular mail.

When you think of invoices for small businesses, the purpose probably seems obvious. But small business invoices actually serve many purposes. So how do you know why you should use a business form invoice for your unique business?

While invoices are mainly used to collect payment from your clients, they also serve as important financial documents for your business. For one, invoices help you keep track of outstanding payments from your clients, ensuring that you don’t move forward with services until you are paid. They also serve as a paper trail of what your business has earned, making it easier to file your taxes come tax time.

As a professional business owner, you want to leave a professional impression. A business bill template helps you create detailed, well-designed invoices that show your clients that you mean business.

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If you thought invoicing your small business clients was complicated, there’s good news. Now you can create free small business invoices in a matter of minutes, without the hassle. Here’s how to make the most of the free Small Business Invoice Template.

1. Download the Template

Forget having to design invoices from scratch. Our free template means you have a well-designed invoice already ready to go. Just download and customize.

2. Add Your Business Information

Make things official by adding your business name, business address, contact information and even website URL. This makes it easy for your clients to know where the invoice is coming from and how to contact you if there are any issues.

3. Add Your Client’s Information

Whether your client is just a regular consumer or a fellow business owner, it’s still important to add their name and contact information for your records.

4. Include List of Services

Clearly note what services you provided, a description of each and the cost for each service. This helps you prevent confusion on your client’s end.

5. Calculate Amount Due

Note the final total at the top of the invoice so there’s no missing how much your client owes you for your services.

6. Send Your Invoice

Once the invoice is filled out, it’s ready to be sent to your client. Save the invoice for your records and send the invoice via email or regular mail.

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