The Best Free Self Employed Invoice Template

As an independent contractor or business owner, sending professional invoices is extremely important. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an accountant to create invoices your business. With the free Self-Employed Invoice template, you have the invoice you need to get paid the right way.

Self Employed? Need to Invoice? Try the Free Personal Freelance Invoice Template

Self-employment is a growing trend as more people catch the entrepreneurial bug and take control of their income. Since many fields are open to solopreneurs and freelancers, we’ve adapted our self-employed invoice templates into a few different formats so that you can choose the invoice that works best for you.

Our Microsoft Word invoice template is very simple to customize and design. Add your logo, colors and fonts to make it fit your brand.


If you’re creating a number-heavy self-employed invoice, you should use Excel, since it is equipped with a built-in calculator to make adding up hours and expenses a breeze.


Google Sheets is basically Excel’s cooler cousin. This app allows you to access your documents online at any time.

Google Sheets

Automate Your Invoices

Save time and money by automating your invoicing. Invoice at the touch of a button, get paid online and more with our invoicing software.

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Choose the Perfect Template for Your Self Employed Work

Graphic designers don’t cater weddings and photographers don’t fix cars. Your services are unique to your industry. Choosing an invoice template that complements your services is one of the most important elements in creating the perfect invoice. We’ve created personal invoice templates for a multitude of industries so that you have plenty to choose from.

Looking for the perfect photography invoice template to bill for your work? You’ve got it. Download the free invoice template here.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Our invoice template helps you to create bills that cater to the needs of both you and your clients. Create a catering invoice today.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Whether you bill per project, per word or hourly, you can customize our freelance writing invoice template to bill your clients with ease.

PDF, Google Docs

Your profession requires a lot of care and attention to detail. Let those virtues spill over into your invoicing.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Customize our invoice template to reflect your brand and graphic design skills. Your clients will be impressed with your professional and detailed invoices.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Customize our template with your branding, print and fill them out on the go to bill for your house cleaning services.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Why Use a Self-Employed Invoice Template?

Do you find yourself making silly mistakes on your invoices? Perhaps you leave out important information or make embarrassing typos. Minimize the errors by using a self-employed billing statement to create the perfect invoice with our invoice templates.

Following our freelance invoice template, you’ll create detailed and professional bills in no time. The customizability allows you to incorporate your business branding which makes a great impression on your clients. The professionalism will wow your customers and you’ll be left with detailed files for your financial records. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Invoice Right: Benefits of Using Self Employment Invoice Templates

As an independent contractor or sole proprietor, well-written invoices are extremely important. Since you’re in charge of filing all of your own taxes, you need to keep a careful record of all that you’ve billed for.

In addition to collecting the payment for your hard work and recording your income, there are several other benefits of using a self-employed invoice template.

✔ Record important financial information for tax time
✔ Keep track of bills by the unique invoice number
✔ Customize the template to best suit your needs
✔ Download and edit in the program of your choice
✔ Save loads of time compared to creating invoices from scratch

Tired of Invoicing?

Even with a self-employed invoice template, creating and sending invoices tends to take up a lot of time. But what if we told you it didn’t have to be that way? Our efficient accounting software is here to help you invoice at the touch of a button. And get this; recurring invoices can be turned on autopilot. Try these invoice template features for yourself for free.

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Creating an invoice has been made simple with the help of our self-employed invoice template. Create professional invoices to bill for your hard work in a matter of minutes. No accountant needed.

Start by downloading our personal invoice template in the format of your choice. Some of the programs you can use to edit it include Word, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat. Customize with your business name and preferred fonts and color scheme. Then add your business contact details.

Include your client’s name and contact information. Fill in the list of charges with descriptions of the business services you’ve provided and a break down of the cost. Add up the total cost and list it at the top of the sheet.

Write out any payment instructions so that there is no confusion. If there are any terms and conditions, list those, too. Send your self-employed invoice on its way to get paid in no time.

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