The Perfect Sample Invoice

Need to send invoices for your business? Now you have the perfect sample invoice to use to customize and send invoices in no time. With our client invoice template, writing professional invoices is a breeze.

Samples of Invoice Templates for Any Business

Every business is unique, so when it comes to creating invoices for your business, you need a client invoice template that fits your brand. The good news is we have bill example templates for nearly any industry and business type. Simply choose the right fit for you.

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular document tools out there. That’s why we have a sample invoice template that can be edited an customized within Word.


Excel is an amazing tool for calculating long lists of services, as it has built-in calculator tools. Invoice sheets are great for long lists of services.


Google Sheets works a lot like Excel. It is great at crunching numbers and sorting long lists of data. It’s also accessible online.

Google Sheets

Invoicing the Right Way

Ready to create the perfect invoice? Download one of our standard invoice templates, customize and send it on its way.

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Choosing the proper template is half the battle in creating the perfect invoice. We know that services vary from industry to industry, so we’ve created standard invoice templates to complement them all. Since our invoice samples are highly customizable, it isn’t hard to create the invoice that works perfectly for you.

Many HVAC contractors charge per hour. If this is true for yours, use our HVAC invoice template to create a time-based bill.

Microsoft Word, PDF

You work in an industry centered around care and compassion. Remind your clients how much you care with a detailed invoice.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Do you charge your clients for both parts and labor? Use a spreadsheet to bill your clients to keep the charges neat and organized.

PDF, Google Docs

Whether you bill hourly, per word or per project, our sample bill format is here to help. Customize it to serve your needs.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Looking to create a picture-perfect invoice? Download our photography invoice template to create a bill that works for you.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Ready to cook up the perfect invoice? Our catering invoice template is here to help you create professional invoices for your catering services.

PDF, Microsoft Word

We understand that your business is unique and may require something a bit out of the box. That’s why we’ve created some standard invoice templates that you can customize to fulfill your exact invoicing needs.

One of the most popular reasons for using an invoice template is that it helps reduce errors in your invoicing. When you have a bill example in front of you, it is easier to fill out all of the sections without leaving anything important out. It also helps you keep a professional design and format.

When you’re creating invoices, getting paid is probably at the forefront of your mind. You work hard and you want to collect what you deserve. But have you considered the other benefits of sending client invoices?

✔ Keep track of late or missing payments
✔ Show off your professionalism
✔ Save money by creating invoices for free
✔ Create detailed documents to assist in filing taxes
✔ Keep your clients’ accounts organized
✔ Customize a template in a variety of formats

Invoice Your Clients on Autopilot

Billing can lock up a lot of your time, and hiring an accountant can get a bit pricey. Our online accounting software offers a happy medium that saves you both time and money. Invoice automatically or with a few clicks of a button to start getting paid the right way.

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Our customizable invoice template with payment details are here to help you create the perfect invoice. When you’re ready to get started, download your free standard invoice layout. Then, customize with your branding and business information. You can save this version of the document to use as a template for future invoices.

Next, add the date and a unique invoice number. This can help you track your invoice down the road. Fill in your client’s contact information. List detailed descriptions of the services you’re charging for. Add in the prices, tally them up and include the grand total at the top of your page.

Include in-depth payment instructions, along with any terms and conditions. Be sure to add the payment due date at the top of the invoice. Send the invoice to your clients via email, snail mail or through our invoicing software. You’re now one step closer to receiving payment for your services.

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