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Want to create detailed, professional invoices for your business? With the free Professional Invoice Template, you can now customize and send professional business invoices in no time. Simply download, enter your details and send. It’s that simple.

Create Professional Invoices in Minutes

Providing high-quality professional services to your clients is at the top of your to-do list. Make sure you’ve got the good-looking invoices to match with free professional invoice templates.

Just download the template, enter your business information, send and quickly receive payment from your clients. You’ll save loads of time and money on your invoicing.

Templates are available in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

Use software you already have to create professional invoices your clients will love with Microsoft Word. Change fonts, add images and more.


Automatically calculate totals for complicated invoices with Microsoft Excel. Bill for materials, hourly work, products, services and more.


Invoice on the go by storing your template in the cloud in Google Sheets. Choose your invoice type, enter the data and you’re ready to send.

Google Sheets

Invoice Template to Download

Instantly create beautiful, high-quality invoices your clients will want to pay. Get unlimited access to exceptionally customizable invoices for all your needs.

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Your small business relies on you to do it all, including invoicing clients to keep the cash flowing. Rather than worry about creating invoices from scratch, you can download the free professional invoice template to start sending professional-looking invoices in minutes.

Automatically calculate totals, even for long lists of charges. Create, save and send your invoices in a snap each month.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Create beautiful, customizable invoices for all your services. Change colors and fonts, add graphics and photos and more.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Stay on top of invoicing for your professional fees, whether you charge per-project, hourly or through some other method, with a free professional fee bill template. Download, edit and send.

PDF, Google Docs

Quickly create custom invoices with your company branding, fees and more in Word or Google Docs. Save, send and get paid.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Take invoicing with you wherever you are with invoices for professional services in Google Docs and Sheets. Keep your business at your fingertips.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Create and send beautiful custom templates to match your business with a free professional receipt template. Available in PDF, Word and more.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Running your own business means you’re constantly pulled in many different directions. You’re responsible for sales, marketing, serving customers and bookkeeping. Why not get paid quickly with a free professional invoice template?

Your invoices should reflect what your business does and the high standards you hope to achieve in your work. Rather than spending hours designing the perfect invoice from scratch, just download a professional invoice template, add in your own branding and information, save and send to your clients.

No matter what industry you’re in, give your clients clear, concise invoices that look as if you spent hours designing them.

You work hard every day to give your clients the best service you can. Your invoices should reflect that same level of professionalism you bring to your client work without you having to spend hours tweaking a design.

Using a professional invoice template offers you many benefits, including:

✔ Keep track of overdue payments
✔ Get paid faster and in your preferred format
✔ Organize and protect sensitive client information
✔ Quickly bill clients and receive payments
✔ Know your information is well-organized come tax season
✔ Available in PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .CSV formats and more

Create Professional Invoices for Your Business

Create the streamlined, sleek invoices your clients crave in less time than designing your own. This frees you up to do the important work of your day-to-day business operations, helping you make more money and provide better services.

Try FreshBooks to accept credit card payments, send recurring invoices, send automatic reminders, track expenses and more.

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Your invoices need to give the same professional impression to your clients that you do in every interaction with them.

When you send an invoice that details everything you’ve done for a client, it puts the client at ease knowing they can see exactly where their money is being spent. This minimizes questions about your invoices, speeding up your ability to get paid for your work.

With FreshBooks accounting software, you can accept payment in any form you want, making accounting and bookkeeping seamless. Whether you want to get paid via PayPal, ACH bank transfer, check, or another method, build that ability into your invoice for a better experience for your clients.

By outlining all the details of your work in your invoice, you can better keep track of all the client work you do, organize information and know which payments have been received and which accounts are overdue.

With a professional invoice template, all the important details are laid out for you.

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