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Dreaming of a photography invoice template that includes all the features you need to get paid the right way? Now you’ve found it. Let your clients know how much they owe you for your photography services in a clear, detailed invoice.

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Creating invoices is simple but staying on top of them may be a bit tricky. Have you considered using invoicing software to make your bookkeeping more efficient? If you want to try out some of the amazing features, start by downloading a free photography invoice templates for your business

Send customized, professional invoices to your photography clients in minutes. Simply download, edit and send with the free photography invoice template.


Our Excel invoice template is great for itemizing services. You can use this format to provide a breakdown of costs associated with each photoshoot.


Our invoice template for Google Sheets makes it simple to add in all of your invoicing details and send the invoice to your client.

Google Sheets

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The faster you bill, the faster you get paid. Download a free photography invoice template to start sending time on your business invoicing

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Since the nature of the products and services vary from industry to industry, you should choose an invoice template that best suits your field. For example, the breakdown of costs for your photography work is likely much different than that of a caterer or freelance writer. Choose an invoice format that is perfect for your services.

As a caterer, you want an invoice that provides room to breakdown the charges. Your ideal invoice template is one that can be edited in a spreadsheet.

Microsoft Word, PDF

A general business invoice template can be edited to best represent your brand and communicate the charges that you have made for your photography services.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Our free template is a great choice for graphic design invoices since the file type is simple to edit and customize. Create invoices that are on-brand and professional.

PDF, Google Docs

Use an invoice template that can be opened in Google Sheets or Excel to create the best carer invoice. Spreadsheets are a great resource to bill for tracked time.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

As a freelance writer, your services likely vary from project to project. Create an invoice that clearly explains each charge that’s been made.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

As an interior designer, it’s important that the aesthetics of your invoice be on point, just like the rest of your branding.

PDF, Microsoft Word

As a photographer, your services are unique. You may often be billing for large sums of money so it best to leave no room for questions when it comes to payment instructions or the reasoning behind charges. Many photographers require down payments or deposits, especially when shooting higher ticket events. You can customize the photography invoice example to collect any and all fees at any time.

For wedding photographers, a wedding photography invoice is especially important because you are working with a consumer rather than with a business. This invoice serves as a bill to your client and a document for your financial records. It is crucial to have an organized and successful billing strategy when it comes time to do your taxes.

Photography businesses invoices are used for more than collecting payment for your work. They double as financial documents that allow you to track your financial growth and determine what you need to be paying in the way of taxes. Using an invoice template helps you to bill your clients quickly.

Check out some of the other benefits of using a professional invoice template:

✔ Keep track of charges, payments and outstanding debts
✔ Save money when creating an invoice for free
✔ Quickly customize to include your branding materials
✔ Collect documents as useful financial records
✔ Keep track of your clients’ business information
✔ Appear professional to your clients

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Free downloadable templates are helpful, but using a bookkeeping software will benefit you and your branding in many ways. Try it for free and see for yourself how much time and energy you can save on invoicing.

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The most practical use of an invoice for photography is billing your clients for a photo shoot or event coverage. You bill the client and get paid; simple. The more detailed you make your invoice, including its terms and payment instructions, the simpler it will be for your clients to pay for your services.

However, using a freelance photography invoice serves a couple more purposes. Some invoices are used as a written agreement when you are collecting a deposit. The services that you will provide for an agreed price are spelled out in writing. An invoice can also serve as a record of charges made and it will help you keep track of your money. You can keep a record of which bills have been paid and which are outstanding.

A well-designed photography invoice that has been branded with your logo, font and color scheme serves as a representation of your business’s professionalism.

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