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You spend hours mowing lawns and trimming hedges under the hot sun. Invoicing is the last thing you want to do after a long day on the job. Good news is our Lawn Care Invoice Template is here to minimize the burden of invoicing. Create professional invoices and get paid in no time.

Lawn Care Invoices – Choose from a Variety of Customizable Templates

All of our free invoice templates can be customized in a variety of formats. From the Google Drive apps to the Microsoft Office programs, you have the flexibility to choose the editing format that works best for you. Explore the benefits of each program.

Landscapers and lawn care business owners alike love how easy the Microsoft Word invoice template is. Simply download, edit and send.


Excel invoice sheets come in handy when you’re billing for a long list of services. Get paid for hours worked, materials used and more.


Google Sheets has a lot of features similar to Excel. The biggest difference is that Google Sheets is accessible as long as you have an internet connection.

Google Sheets

Create the Best Lawn Care Invoices

Ready to bill your clients the right way? Download our professional lawn care invoice template to get started now.

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As a lawn care specialist, you know that your line of work is one of a kind. It’s important to choose an invoice template that works best with the services that you offer. That’s why we provide many industry-specific templates to choose from.

Create detailed, professional invoices without designing them from scratch. Download the Graphic Design Invoice Template.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Want to create a picture-perfect invoice? Download the Photography Invoice Template to get started.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

The bill for your catering service requires a lot of number crunching. Excel is the best program to add up costs and send accurate invoices to your clients.

PDF, Google Docs

Freelance writing comes in all shapes and sizes. Bill for your writing work in a way that makes sense with our highly customizable invoice templates.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Since your construction bill likely includes a lot of materials, a spreadsheet invoice is the best way to go to keep this information organized.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

As an interior designer, you set out to make things pretty on the daily. Your invoices should be no exception. Create professional invoices today.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Lawn care invoices come in handy in a multitude of ways, but the most useful part is its role in eliminating errors. Our mowing invoice sample offers provides an easy-to-follow template for you to fill out. The design ensures that you include all of the details your clients need in order to pay you on time.

If you own lawn care business, you have your hands full managing employees, commuting to jobs and buying equipment. By having the lawn care invoice template on hand, you can save loads of time and stress when it comes to sending bills to your clients.

You invoice your clients in order to get paid for your hard work, but have you considered the other benefits? A well-written invoice serves many purposes. It lets your clients know exactly how much they owe for your gardening services and provides you with important financial documentation.

Explore the benefits of using a lawn care billing invoice:

✔ Leave a professional impression on your clients
✔ Organize your financial records in preparation for tax time
✔ You can customize any invoice to suit the needs of your clients
✔ Save money compared to hiring someone to create invoices for you
✔ Keep track of past invoices and outstanding payments

Automate Your Lawn Care Billing

Let’s face it, invoicing can be a drag and can take up a lot of valuable time. Focus on what you do best in your business and leave the invoicing to us. Our powerful bookkeeping software is here to offer you a solution that saves both time and money. Set your invoicing on autopilot to bill your clients the right way.

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One of the perks of using a lawn invoice template is you have a straightforward template that will help you cross the T’s and dot the I’s of a perfect bill. The sample receipt includes all of the fields you need to fill out so that you don’t miss any important details.

To create an invoice for your client, first, download the lawn care invoice template. Then, add your branding and business information. You can even customize the font and colors.

What’s most important is that you list all of the lawn care services provided to your client, plus the corresponding cost. Then, add up the total and note this clearly on the invoice.

Include detailed payment instructions and terms so that your clients know how to pay for your services. Send the complete invoice via email, snail mail or through our invoicing software.

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