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As an interior designer, you know that aesthetic is everything. With our customizable designer invoice templates, you can put as much care into designing your bills as you do your clients’ spaces. This invoice template was created with designers like you in mind.

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The best way to create an invoice for your interior design services is by following one of our amazing sample invoices. We want to help you create an invoice that is representative of your design skills, so we’ve made our interior design invoice template available in several customizable formats. Are you ready to get started on your invoice?

Our Word Doc invoice templates are the best for interior design services. They are simple to customize and are perfect for short lists of services.


Excel is useful for bills that require long lists and numbers, so it’s the perfect option for when you have to bill for time and materials.


Google Sheets serves the same purpose as Excel when it comes to invoicing. One added perk is it can be accessed from anywhere with a wifi connection.

Google Sheets

Simplify Your Invoicing

We understand that interior design is your passion and priority so we want to help lighten your load when it comes to bookkeeping.

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Invoices are going to vary a bit from industry to industry. This is because invoices are best structured around the services that have been provided. In interior design, you’re likely going to choose a simpler invoice template, but other industries will require something a bit more complex. Check out the perks of other industries’ templates.

Construction is often the service used before yours. Construction invoices can get pretty complex and are best edited in Excel or Google Sheets.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Graphic designers often work on a per-project basis like you. These invoices will probably consist of one simple charge and instructions for payment.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Carpentry invoices have room for a bit of variety since the nature of a carpenter’s work can vary from product-based to service-based.

PDF, Google Docs

Many interior designers offer their services through their business. If this is true for you, a small business invoice template may be your best bet.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Are you self-employed or an independent contractor like many other interior designers? A self-employed invoice template could be helpful to you.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Architects can sell both pre-design or custom models so billing for architecture services can vary a bit, requiring different types of invoices.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Following an invoice template is the way to go if you’re hoping to create a bill that maintains clear passages of communication between you and your clients. Billing can be tricky and it’s important to avoid errors at all costs.

When you use an interior design invoice template as a guide, you’ll have a great understanding of what components need to be included on your bill. You’ll notice that you should include information about both your company and your client’s, an invoice date, a unique invoice number, a detailed list of services and a total amount due. Following designer invoice templates helps you to avoid silly mistakes in invoicing.

Creating an invoice based upon our design bill format helps you make sure that your invoice contains all of the essential components. Once you create the perfect invoice, you’re one step closer to getting paid for your hard work.

In addition to the obvious benefit of claiming your cash for your services, there are a few other benefits that come along with a well-written invoice.

✔ Keep track of every penny billed so filing taxes is a breeze
✔ Organize past and current clients’ contact info
✔ Design the perfect invoice with the template’s customizable features
✔ Leave a lasting professional impression on your clients
✔ Try out free templates without breaking the bank
✔ Download in PDF, .DOC, .XLS formats and more

Invoice the Right Way

When you’re busy designing amazing homes and commercial space for your clients, invoicing probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind. Fortunately, you can pass the task of invoicing over to our powerful accounting software. Start sending invoices automatically or with the simple touch of a button.

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There are a few important steps you have to take when customizing your design service invoice template. You can start by downloading the invoice template. Before you get started, customize the entire document with your brand’s logo, font and color scheme. Microsoft Word is the best for customizations like these.

Next, you should add the contact information for your business. You can save this version of the template to use for future clients.

It is important to add a date to the invoice, along with a unique invoice number so that you can keep track of the invoice’s status. Add your client’s contact information and a detailed list of charges made. Calculate the total cost and put the total in bold in the designated spot.

Include any terms and conditions in the notes section. Once your invoice is complete, send it through snail mail, email, or through our accounting software. You’ll be on the fast track to getting paid.

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