Invoice for Your Cleaning Services

Sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting fill your day when you run a house cleaning business. But do you have the time to create professional invoices from scratch? With the free Cleaning Invoice Template, you don’t have to.

Free Downloadable Cleaning Invoices

Cleaning can be tedious work, but creating invoices doesn’t have to be. That’s why we have created cleaning services invoices for you to use in your own business rather than having to make your own from scratch. In fact, we have several format options for you to choose from in order to select the best fit for your cleaning service business.

Invoice for your cleaning services with a familiar and simple Microsoft Word invoice template. Get paid in no time.


Send an invoice for cleaning services with the Excel invoice template. Bill for hours worked, cleaning supplies and more.


Google Sheets allows you to create cleaning invoices on the go. Get started with the cleaning invoice example below.

Google Sheets

Free Invoice for Cleaning Services

Customize and send an invoice to your house cleaning clients in seconds.

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There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to invoicing. Different industries require different types of invoices in order to bill clients the right way. Whether you run a cleaning business or work in a different industry, we can help you send invoices in minutes.

Have a catering business? Send a clean receipt for your services with the catering invoice template.

Microsoft Word, PDF

As a graphic designer, you know aesthetic is important. Customize your invoice in Word for attractive, professional invoices.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Many painters, especially those who work on large projects like buildings or homes, send prepayment invoices to collect deposits. Try it for yourself.

PDF, Google Docs

Download, customize and print our lawn care invoice template so you can bill your clients on the spot.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

As an independent healthcare provider, there are likely many costs associated with your services. Make sure to include a breakdown of materials on your bill.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Photographing a wedding or another large event? Send a picture-perfect invoice to collect a deposit for your services.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Your approach to invoicing could go one of two ways. You could feel totally lost and overwhelmed, or you could feel confident that sending a piece of paper with a magic number will get the job done.

Unfortunately, neither approach is going to get you where you need to be. Fortunately, our sample invoice for cleaning is here to help. This document comes in handy when you’re billing your clients for your detail-oriented cleaning work.

With an invoice template, you will know exactly what needs to be included on your bill. Our cleaning receipts will set you on the fast track to getting paid.

You want to send a detailed invoice to get paid for your house cleaning services. But a well-written invoice serves several other purposes. Putting some extra effort into your invoices definitely pays off.

Explore the added benefits of creating professional cleaning invoices:

✔ Show your clients your professional side with sharp invoices
✔ Collect important information that can be used at tax time
✔ Customize each template to suit your needs
✔ Download in formats editable in a variety of apps and programs
✔ Keep track of late or missing payments

Invoicing for Cleaning Services Made Simple

Invoicing with the help of a template is nice. But invoicing that basically does itself? Amazing. With our efficient accounting software, you can set your invoicing on autopilot. Your recurring invoices will be sent automatically, saving you loads of time on invoicing.

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If you’re ready to create the perfect invoice for your cleaning service business, you can start by downloading the free cleaning invoice example. Our invoice templates are super customizable so you can add your business’s name, contact info and branding.

It is important to add an invoice date and a unique invoice number so that the bill can be tracked. Then fill in your client’s name and contact information.

List the amount of money that the client owes for your cleaning services. Included detailed payment instructions with any terms and conditions. Send your invoice on its way via email, snail mail or through our bookkeeping software.

When you bill your clients with detailed and professional invoices, you can rest assured that you’ll get paid without confusion or delays. The simpler paying is for your clients, the faster the money hits your bank account.

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