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Invoicing your clients for hourly work doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With the free Hourly Invoice Template, you can download, customize and send professional-looking invoices in minutes. Browse our collection of free invoice templates and choose the one that’s right for your business.

Download the Free Hourly Invoice Template

Running your own business means you’re always busy. From customer service to billing, filing taxes to completing client work, you’ve got to be able to do it all.

Designing your own professional-looking invoices doesn’t have to be one of those tasks on your never-ending to-do list.

Just download your chosen hourly invoice template, enter your information and send for high-quality invoices that get you paid fast.

Design all the great-looking hourly invoices you want in a program you already know with Microsoft Word templates.


Provide calculations for line-item charges with free templates for Microsoft Excel. Just download, edit and send.


Invoice on the go with templates stored in the cloud with Google Sheets. Calculate charges, add branding and more with free templates.

Google Sheets

Need an Hourly Rate Sheet Template for Your Business Billing?

Get paid faster with professional, simple invoices. Add your own branding, change colors and fonts and more to get an invoice that suits your business.

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Invoicing doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Simply download the invoice you want, customize it to fit your needs, send and get paid. No more worries about sending a made-from-scratch invoice that makes you look unprofessional. Send high-quality invoices in minutes.

Choose the invoice format that’s right for your business, customize it and send it out no time.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Transfer your spreadsheet tracking into a beautiful invoice that seamlessly does all the calculations for you.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Get paid the way you want, faster than ever before, with clear, concise invoices that show your professionalism.

PDF, Google Docs

Whether you worked 5 hours this month or 500, quickly calculate charges for each client and get paid for all the hard work you do.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Stop slapping together an invoice that’s just a list of charges. Get a clean, professional invoice to match your skills.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

You don’t need a big, complicated invoice to show your clients how much to pay you. Get a clear, simple invoice that speaks volumes.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Balancing the responsibilities of your business isn’t easy. It can feel as if you’re always on the clock, making sure client work gets done, financials are taken care of and new clients are found.

With a free hourly invoice template, you can quickly translate all those time tracking apps and spreadsheets into custom, professional invoices your clients can understand.

A clear invoice shows your client, at a glance, exactly what work they’re being billed for. They have fewer questions about charges, meaning you get paid faster and with less effort.

Give your business a leg up on the competition with a stunning invoice your clients want to pay.

Using an hourly invoice template makes billing your clients for work you’ve provided a breeze, freeing you up to do all the other important things it takes to keep your business running.

Creating a professional hourly invoice from a template provides many benefits, including:

✔ Organize client information and account status
✔ Better grasp of financials for tax season
✔ Downloadable in .DOC, .XLS, .CSV, .PDF formats and more
✔ Create a lasting professional impression with your clients
✔ Process and send client invoices in minutes
✔ Customize to represent your branding

Professional Hourly Invoice Templates

Do you do a lot of invoicing? Now, you get the great-looking invoices you need plus extra features including credit card processing, recurring invoicing, expense tracking, automatic reminders, time tracking and more. Get the tools you need to make your business stand out.

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Leave your clients with a great final impression of your work with a professional hourly invoice template.

Sending an invoice that lists all the information about your charges – hours worked, money billed for supplies and more – puts your client at ease knowing they’re getting exactly what they need for the money they’re paying. This decreases questions and disputes about your invoices, getting you paid faster.

Accept payment in any form you want with FreshBooks, giving you the flexibility to run your business the way you want to. Collect payments via ACH bank transfer, PayPal, check or another method, and it’s all right there in your invoice for your clients.

Keep better track of all the client work you do, organize client information and know which payments have been received and which are overdue with free hourly invoice templates. This makes accounting and bookkeeping seamless, helping you stay on top of your financials.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. A free hourly invoice template lays it all out for you.

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