Invoicing on Google Sheets

Google Drive and its related applications are a breath of fresh air in the business world. Auto-saving files that are set up for collaboration? Yes, please. Our invoice template for Google Sheets is perfect for those who work with a team or remotely since documents can be accessed from anywhere with wifi.

Free Downloadable Google Sheets Invoices for Different Industries

Since the nature of the services provided varies from industry to industry, it is important to choose the type of invoice that makes the most sense for your work. Some invoices may include long lists and others may have one simple charge for a deposit or added fee.

As an artist, you likely have an eye for design. Luckily, our artist invoice template allows you to customize your bills to get paid for the visions you’ve brought to life.

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Need to whip up a professional invoice to bill for your delicious work? Bill your clients the right way with the help of our catering invoice template.

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Our trucking company invoice template will deliver all that you need to create a clean and detailed invoice for your clients.

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A lawn care invoice should be pretty straightforward. With the customizable template, lawn care providers can add their branding materials and the amount that the customer owes.

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When you’re self-employed, creating your invoices properly is so important. Taxes can be a burden, but when you have all of your income well documented, the load becomes lighter.

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A house cleaning invoice should be straightforward. Choose a template that includes exactly what you need. No more, no less.

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Invoicing the Right Way

There has never been a better way to create invoices. Get unlimited access to our professional invoice templates today.

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Tired of worrying if your invoice saved or being unsure which memory stick it’s saved on? Google Sheets is here to wipe those worries away. This autosaving invoice template is great for those who work on the go.

If you’re billing for a service that has a lot of components that contribute to the total amount due, a Google Sheets invoice template is for you. We’re talking services such as trucking or catering. Truckers have to track miles, gas usage, time and more. Caterers often bring more than one type of food and bill per head.

Use Google Sheets for your invoicing if you have lots of numbers to add up or different items to sort and organize.

Invoices serve a few important purposes. In addition to notifying your clients of what they owe for your services and how they should settle the bill, you’ll find that invoices come in handy when tax time rolls around. You can use these documents as records to chart your business’s profit and growth.


✔ Save money by using a free template
✔ Create detailed records to be used at tax time
✔ Appear professional to your valued clients
✔ Keep your clients and their contact information carefully organized
✔ Customize in Google Sheets, a collaborative program
✔ Include important information about your business and your clients

Beyond Google Sheets Invoicing

Google Sheets invoice templates are handy, but nothing compares to powerful accounting software. Automated invoicing is a game changer. Once your clients’ information is entered once, the software will take over and bill at your command. You can get your invoices on their way at the touch of a button.

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Getting paid for your hard work is essential to the success of your business. In order to get paid, you have to bill for your work. Invoice sheets are used to let your clients know how much they owe, what they are being charged for and how to pay the bill.

Use an invoice template for Google Sheets to bill your clients the right way. With Google Sheets, creating formulas and calculating totals is simple. You can share the documents with your teammates for collaboration.

In addition to collecting fees for your services, an invoice sheet can be used to keep track of all that you’ve billed for. If you include a unique invoice number on each document, it is easy to stay on top of missing or late payments.

One of the greatest things about a Google Sheets invoice is that if you fill it out properly, it can be filed in your financial records and used at tax time.

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