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As a freelancer, you work hard to provide your clients with the best and most professional services possible. But when it comes to getting paid, sending and tracking invoices can be a struggle. With the Freelancer Invoice Template, now you can send professional invoices with ease.

Sample Invoices for Self Employed Freelancers

From drawing up thorough proposals to managing billing, as a self employed freelancer you are a one-person show. You deserve an invoicing solution for your business that’s simple to use but gives you beautiful, customized invoices to impress your clients. Start with one of a sample freelance invoice template to make invoicing your work for your freelance clients quick and simple.

Create detailed invoices that you can edit with your own personal branding, change colors and fonts, add images and more with Microsoft Word.


Make math errors a thing of the past by entering individual charges and calculating totals right in your standard invoice format.


Get all the power and capability of an Excel invoice wherever you have internet access with a freelancing invoice in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets

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Get paid faster with professional-looking invoices. FreshBooks includes unlimited access to our freelance invoice template library, automatic invoicing and more.

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You want your freelance business to stand out from the crowd, and creating stunning invoices is one way to get noticed. Why spend your time creating freelance invoices from scratch when you can get beautiful, customizable invoices for free? Just download the freelance invoice templates, write, edit and send

Whether billing for hourly work, on a per-project basis or for retainer fees, find the right invoice to meet your professional business needs.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Elevate your consulting business to pro status with a beautiful free invoice. Just choose the invoice template that’s right for you, download, create, customize and send.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Get paid for the work you do for your freelance clients faster and in whatever invoice template format you choose. Add images, change colors and more.

PDF, Google Docs

Create sleek, gorgeous invoices your clients will love in less time than you think. Just download, create, customize, send and get paid.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Bill for the client services you provide with less hassle and headache. No complicated software to download, no chasing after clients for payment. Just simple, streamlined billing.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Freelancers can save time, money and headaches with a free, customizable invoice template for all your professional freelance work. Large or small, these invoices can handle all your work.

PDF, Microsoft Word

As a self employed freelancer, you’ve got your hands full. If you aren’t doing client work, you’re looking for new clients, handling billing, management, and accounting or brushing up on your professional skills.

Rather than spending precious time designing and sending invoices so you can get paid, use a free freelance invoice template for all your work to get billing done in a flash.

When you create and send a clear freelance invoice, your clients can rest easy knowing they’re getting exactly what they paid for. And this makes billing and payment less frustrating for you, as you’re dealing with fewer questions and disputes over charges.

Spend less time fighting with a client to get paid and more time getting paid for doing what you love as a freelancer.

You don’t get paid to send bills to your clients, but you won’t get paid without sending them bills. With a free invoice template for your freelance work, you can get paid for your work faster, letting you do the things you want to do.

Creating a professional freelance invoice from our templates provides many benefits, including:

✔ Customized to fit your business
✔ Organize client information and account status
✔ Process and send professional client invoices in minutes
✔ Available in .DOC, .XLS, .CSV, .PDF formats and more
✔ A better understanding of financials come tax time
✔ Download, edit and send in minutes

100% Custom Invoice Templates for Your Business

Keep some business secrets for yourself with customizable invoice templates that look like a designer made them. Just download, edit and send for quick payment.

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Your business as a self employed freelancer deserves an invoicing system that’s as professional as you are, without requiring bulky accounting software or expensive professionals.

Sending a complete invoice that lists all your charges – hours worked, money billed for supplies and more – lets your clients know exactly what they’re paying for. This reduces questions about your invoices, helping you get paid faster and with less hassle.

Accept payment any way you want with Free Invoice Creator, including PayPal, ACH bank transfer, check and more. As a self employed person, you get the flexibility to run your business the way you want without forcing you to use one payment form over another.

Stay on top of your business’s finances by quickly tracking the client work you do, organizing client information and knowing which client accounts are current and which are overdue. This decreases your stress and frustration at tax time, freeing you up as a self employed freelancer for more important things.

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Whether you have been in business for years or are just getting started, invoicing your clients for your services is an essential part of getting paid. However, creating an invoice isn’t always straightforward if you have never done it before. Fortunately, the sample invoices template makes it simple to create and write up an invoice without missing any of the important client or business details.

1. Download the Freelancer Invoice Template

Simply download the sample freelance invoice template for a detailed outline on how to write up a professional invoice for your freelance clients.

2. Add Your Business Information

Be sure to include your name, your contact information and your business name on the invoice template so that your client can trust that the invoice is coming from you.

3. Add Your Client’s Information

Whether your client is a regular client or someone new, it’s important to add their name and contact information to the invoice for your records.

4. Include List of Services

List the services rendered with a description for each on the freelancer invoice. Then, note the cost for each service provided to create an itemized invoice document.

5. Calculate Amount Due

Add the final total at the top of the invoice so there’s no missing how much your client owes you for your freelance work.

6. Send Your Invoice

You’re done! Send your complete freelancer invoice to your client via email or regular mail to receive payment fast.

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