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How do you bill for your writing services? Whether you charge your clients per hour, per word or per project, one thing is for sure; you need to be creating invoices that are both detailed and professional. The Freelance Writer Invoice Template helps you do just that.

Invoice Templates for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, you understand the importance of creating content that speaks to your target audience. Creating an invoice works a similar way. It’s important to choose an invoice template that appeals to your clients and fits the services that you offer. Best of all, we give you a few different file formats to choose from.

Microsoft Word is best used for writers who bill on a per-project basis. The Word invoice template lets you list your services and include a price for each.


Microsoft Excel is the perfect program if you bill per word or offer a long list of services. Its calculation features make adding up costs a breeze.


Google Sheets is a lot like Excel except it’s much more accessible. You can retrieve your invoices from anywhere with wifi, on any device.

Google Sheets

The Best Way to Invoice

Writing is your specialty, but bookkeeping isn’t. Hand the task over to us. We make invoicing quick and simple.

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Many writers find that their work crosses over into other industries from time to time. Sometimes, you’ll take on gigs that are still technically writing but may require a slightly different template. Explore some of our other professional invoice sample options.

Writers and photographers often work hand-in-hand to serve clients. If you have the experience, you could find yourself doing both. There’s an invoice that fits the bill.

Microsoft Word, PDF

If you are billing for a long list of services, you may consider taking a construction invoice template and customizing it to make it yours.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

As a freelance writer, the self-employed invoice template would also be perfect for you. This template is helpful when it comes to getting organized for tax time.

PDF, Google Docs

Download any of our professional invoices in .XLS, .DOC, PDF and more customizable formats to create the best template for interior design work.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Itemized invoices, such as one that you’d use for catering services, are best edited in Excel. Get organized with the catering invoice template.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Upping your work as an independent contractor to a full-fledged business is an exciting jump. We’ve got the right invoice template for your new chapter.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Trying to create an invoice with no sample or reference doesn’t always go smoothly when it’s your first one. Following a personalized writing invoice template will ensure that you’ve included all of the necessary details on your invoice. It also gives your invoice a professional look that highlights your services, rates and payment terms.


You create invoices to let your clients know how much they owe you for your professional writing services. But have you considered the added benefits? A well-written invoice serves as a detailed file of your financial records and will be helpful when you’re assessing the growth of your business or filing taxes.

Check out some of the other wonderful benefits to using a writing invoice.

✔ Create professional, customized invoices with just a few clicks
✔ Get paid for your writing services with no confusion
✔ Keep track of important financial and tax information
✔ Download in the editable format of your choice
✔ Impress your clients with organized and detailed invoices
✔ Customize the template to make it perfect for your needs

Send a lot of invoices?

When invoicing becomes overwhelming, it is helpful to have a support system to pick up where you left off. Our wonderful invoicing software comes with a collection of professional invoice templates, time tracking tools and other amazing bookkeeping support features. Try it for free.

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Writing an invoice may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Our writing invoice templates are here to boost you in the right direction. To get started, you simply download the invoice template that best fits your needs. Choose a format that fits the way you charge for your services.

Once you’ve downloaded your template, it’s time to make it uniquely yours. Add your logo and the fonts and color scheme that match your brand. You can also add your business’s name and contact information. At this point, save a copy of the document to serve as your branded invoice template.

Date your invoice and give it a unique invoice number. This will help you track your payment later. Next, fill in your client’s name and contact information.

Create a detailed list of your services with descriptions and prices and include any payment instructions and additional terms. Send the invoice to the client via email or snail mail.

With accounting software, you can bypass all of these steps and send pre-made invoices in seconds.

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