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Now is the time to transition to hassle-free invoicing. With the free Microsoft Excel invoice template, you’re minutes away from creating and sending professional invoices. Browse our gallery of invoice templates fit for all types of businesses.

Free Downloadable Excel Invoices for Different Industries

Whether you’re a handyman, painter or small business owner, one thing is absolutely vital to the success of your business: You need to get paid. We have several invoice templates that you can customize to best suit your business. Choose one that serves the needs of you and your clients.

Making sure your clients’ lawns are kept in the best shape possible is your expertise – bookkeeping is probably not. Our free lawn care invoice template can help.


As an interior designer, you know it’s important to maintain your brand’s aesthetic. This invoice template is highly customizable so you can incorporate your own branding.


Get paid for your writing projects by sending professional invoices to your clients. Simply download, edit and send.


You keep your clients’ houses squeaky clean, so you deserve to get paid for all your hard work. Start billing the right way with this invoice Excel template.


Tracking for time spent carrying out a service or adding up miles traveled are two things that are made easy with an Excel invoice template.


Itemizing your invoice is very important to let your clients know exactly what they are paying for. Microsoft Excel is a great program for creating this type of invoice.


Invoicing the Right Way

Automating your invoicing is the best way to simplify your bookkeeping. It’s the perfect solution to help you get paid for your work quickly.

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When choosing the perfect template to bill your clients, you have to consider the nature of your work. An Excel invoice template offers the perfect layout to bill for a list of services. It is also great for breaking down costs associated with your services.

The best part about making an invoice on Excel is the formula feature. You can use a ton of preset formulas to calculate sums, averages, rates and more. The Excel invoice layout is also super easy for your clients to read and understand. Clear communication makes for a quickly paid invoice.

Billing for your work shouldn’t be difficult. Lucky for you, using an invoice template makes it easy to get paid for your hard work.

All you’ve got to do to get started is download your Excel invoice template for Microsoft and start customizing. This easy to use template is the perfect solution for your bookkeeping needs.

✔ Organize important tax information
✔ Keep track of your valued clients
✔ Easily customize with your business’s branding
✔ Create invoices for any industry
✔ Invoice without breaking the bank
✔ Maintain a professional appearance

Want to Automate Your Bookkeeping?

When you make paying simple for your clients, you can get paid faster. Automating your bookkeeping with software that allows your clients to pay online or through an app makes everybody’s lives easier.

FreshBooks brings you powerful accounting software that makes getting paid and keeping track of your invoices as simple as possible.

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Free invoicing templates mean you don’t have to wrestle with complicated software or pay someone to do your monthly billing. Take care of creating, processing and sending invoices in minutes with professional-looking invoices your clients will love.

Word Invoice

Use a program you already know and understand to create great-looking invoices. Change fonts and colors, upload logos and images and more for an invoice your clients want to pay.

Google Docs Invoice

No Word? No problem. We’ve got you covered with a free invoice template in Google Docs, all ready for you to download, customize and send for painless billing on the go.

Excel Invoice

Automatically calculate totals right in your invoice thanks to the built-in functions of Microsoft Excel. Charge for your hours worked, materials needed, miles traveled and more.

Google Sheets Invoice

Get all the functionality and ease of working with Microsoft Excel wherever you go with Google Sheets. Add charges and calculate totals in seconds, all while creating a custom invoice.

PDF Invoice

Create printer-ready invoices with a downloadable PDF invoice template. Simply download the template, customize it to meet your needs and save. Your invoice is ready to print or email directly to your client.

A well-written Excel invoice serves a few purposes. First and foremost, it is used to bill your clients for the hard work that you’ve done. It lets your clients know what charges have been made and how much they owe you.

Invoices are great to have on file so that you can keep track of where your money is coming from. Having this information documented is useful in charting the growth of your company. It also is great to have that information readily available when it’s time to file taxes.

An Excel invoice is particularly useful when you’re billing for a long list of services since it is equipped with powerful calculating tools. It’s a great resource for staying organized.

If you’re looking to strengthen your bookkeeping strategy with powerful accounting software, try it for free today.

Create My Free Invoice

Your business is unique to you, so you should send an invoice that reflects that. With free invoice templates from Free Invoice Creator, you can get customized invoices in minutes, all at a price you can afford.

1. Fill in Company and Contact Information

Add in your business name, your logo and how clients can contact you in case they have questions or concerns about your invoice.

2. Add Date and Invoice Number

Make sure your invoices are traceable and trackable – both for your records and your clients’ records – for easier checking on accounts that are current and those that are overdue.

3. Include Descriptions and Service Rates

This is the meat of your invoice; list everything you’re charging your client for, and any credit for discounts or prepayment. Include as much information as you want to decrease client questions.

4. Add Sales Tax

Don’t get caught with unpaid sales taxes come tax time. Be sure you include all applicable state and local sales taxes on your invoice so you give your clients the most complete bill possible.

5. Calculate Amount Due

Whether you total things up by hand or let a program do the work for you, giving your client a total amount due is essential to getting paid in full once your invoice has been received.

6. Note Terms

In this section, include information on how you would like to be paid, how quickly you want to be paid and more, so your clients aren’t left guessing about important details.

No-Worry Recurring Invoices

Do you invoice a client for the same thing each month? Create one invoice and set it to recur monthly for worry-free invoicing.

Faster Payments with Online Processing

Rather than wait for a check in the mail, accept online payments via PayPal, ACH bank transfer and more to get paid up to twice as fast.

Safe Storage in the Cloud

Keep client information accessible – but protected – at all times, with cloud storage. From invoicing history to client contact information, it’s all there.

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