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If you do contract work for your clients, your terms and conditions may be a little complicated. What shouldn’t be complicated is how you get paid for your hard work. With the free Contractor Invoice Template, billing your clients for hours and services is simple.

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As a contractor, doing great work for your clients is at the center of your contracting business. Spend less time invoicing and more time doing what you’re good at with a contractor invoice template. An easy way to get paid for your services the right way, each and every time.

With an invoice template for contractors, you can create simple, beautiful invoices in Microsoft Word. Change colors and fonts, upload your own images and more.


Make your calculator a thing of the past with customizable contractor invoices in Microsoft Excel. Use formulas to add charges for quick invoicing.


Harness the power of formulas and calculations even when you’re on the go with contractor invoice templates in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets

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Need to send an invoice to your contractor client today. FreshBooks is here to help you craft professional, easy contractor invoices in just a few minutes, all for free.

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As an independent contractor, you wear many hats. Spending hours creating the right invoice for your business needs and services doesn’t have to be one of them. Now you can find the perfect invoice for your business, no matter what you do. Choose your invoice template, download, create and customize it with your branding and send for quick, easy, and seamless billing.

Choose the contractor invoice format that’s right for your business, customize, create, and send without headaches or hassle.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Even though you work solo as a contractor that doesn’t mean you’re alone when it comes to creating professional invoices for your clients. Get help with the free independent contractor invoice.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Send professional, clear, and concise invoices to your clients in minutes. Print off the invoice and send it to your client right away.

PDF, Google Docs

Create beautiful, custom invoices in minutes. Just download, edit, save, print and send the invoice document for quick billing.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Track your hours worked and create a simple, custom invoice that’s ready to send. Change colors and fonts, add images and more on the contractor invoice templates.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Whether you bill hourly, per project or on a retainer basis, you can create gorgeous invoices for your professional services that your clients will love.

PDF, Microsoft Word

As an independent contractor, you’re busy handling every aspect of your business. You may even provide a variety of different services under one contract, making your invoices confusing and complicated.

With an invoice template for contractors, you can present your clients with clear, readable invoices that list your charges, business services, and total work time. This gives them peace of mind knowing they’re getting exactly what they’re paying for, decreasing questions and saving you time.

Spend less time creating and filling out invoices and more time doing the important work of your business with a free printable contractor invoice. Get paid faster, making your business more profitable with less work and effort on your part.

You don’t have the time to spend hours designing and sending invoices. With a contractor an invoice template for contractors, you’re free to run your business without worrying about getting paid.

Using an independent contractor invoice template offers many benefits, including:

✔ Available in .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, .CSV formats and more
✔ Templates are 100% free to edit and send
✔ Customize with fonts, colors, images and more
✔ Collect payment in whatever format you want
✔ Better understand your finances for tax time
✔ Organize client information and account status

Get Independent Contractor Invoice Templates Now

Do you do a lot of invoicing in your business? Design, create, customize, save and send all your invoices with less effort plus extra features. Get credit card processing, recurring invoicing, expense tracking, automatic reminders, time tracking and more. Help your business stand out from the pack with our contractor invoice templates.

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What is an Invoice for Contractors Used for?

You work hard to provide high-quality contracting services to your clients. Contractors can leave them with a professional impression of you and your business with a high-quality invoice for your total services.

Sending an invoice that clearly lists everything you’re charging for – hours worked, supplies, travel and more – leaves your new and existing clients with fewer questions about your services. This gets you paid faster and with less time spent answering phone calls and emails about your invoices.

Collect payment in any form you want, whether that’s via PayPal, ACH bank transfer, check or any other form. With the right invoice software you have everything you need to run Run your business the way you want, with more freedom.

Keep track of all the client work you do, organize client information, and know which forms have been sent, payments have been collected, and which are overdue at a glance. Make your business more efficient, effective and profitable by using free, complete contractor work orders that allow you to track important financial details.

Stop spending time creating invoices from scratch. A simple contractor estimate and greatinvoice software does it all for you.

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