Invoice for Your Construction Work

You work hard every day to build, fix and create. Now it’s time to get paid the right way. Our construction invoice template is here to help you create professional invoices to bill for your labor.

Free Construction Invoice Template Formats

The type of invoice you should create for your construction work depends on the specific services you’re providing. For jobs that require a lot of materials on top of your labor, you want to go with an invoice that provides room for a long list. If you work more on the inspection side, you’ll likely only need a standard invoice for one fee. Choose the right format for you.

Microsoft Word invoice templates are great if you’re looking to create an invoice that showcases your branding.


If your area of work requires the use of a lot of materials, you should use Excel. This template is great for itemized invoices.


Google Sheets is a great option for creating invoice sheets. Easy to use, easy to customize.

Google Sheets

Automate Your Invoicing

If you’re at the point where invoicing regularly is too much of a hassle but you don’t want to hire an accountant, we’ve got you covered.

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If the sample construction invoice just isn’t really aligning with what you do, consider an invoice template for another industry. All of the invoices are customizable, so it’s no hassle to create invoices tailored to your business.

If you’re billing on behalf of your construction business rather than independently contracted work, download the small business invoice template.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Do you provide HVAC services? We have an invoice template that’s perfect for your business. Download it for free.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Electricians often require a ton of small pieces and parts to complete their work. Our template helps you bill your clients for all of your materials.

PDF, Google Docs

Are you more of a freelance handyman? Download the self-employed invoice template to bill for your handy work.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Drywall hanging and repair is another industry that would require an itemized list of materials. Use an invoice sheet for this type of work.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

‘Wood’ you look at that – It’s the perfect invoice for carpenters. Get paid for your construction work with this free template.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Even if you find the invoice that matches your industry, you need to determine what type of invoice you’ll make when customizing your template. Consider its purpose. Are you collecting a deposit or are you billing for services provided?

In construction, you may bill in increments over the course of the project or even work on retainer. How you bill is really up to you. Just be sure to include your payment policy in the notes of your invoice. That will help you avoid confusion with your client.

Everyday, you work hard on the job. You can use a construction invoice sample to bill your clients for the blood, sweat and tears that you put into your work. In minutes, you can create a professional invoice that will help your clients pay you with ease.

In addition to getting paid, there are some other benefits of using a construction invoice format that should be explored:

✔ Create invoices faster to expedite payment
✔ Show your clients that you mean business with your professional invoices
✔ Collect all of the important information that you need to file taxes
✔ File client account information
✔ Keep track of invoice statuses
✔ Customize your template to best suit your needs

Tired of Invoicing?

Let’s face it; you’re busy providing the best service to your clients. You don’t have time to create invoices every day. Save time and money by using bookkeeping software to automate your invoicing.

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To get the most out of your free construction invoice format, you should use all of the customizable fields. Break down the costs associated with your services so your clients understand what they are paying for.

You may choose to simply break things down into materials and labor, or you could spell out the specific materials used and break down the costs associated with the labor. Remember: be as descriptive as possible so your clients understand what they are being billed for.

Another great way to use the construction invoice template is to collect a deposit for your services. You can write out exactly how you’ll serve your clients so that everybody is on the same page before you get to work.

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