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There is no question that you’re a master in the kitchen, but are you a master at invoicing? Now, you can be. Download the free Catering Invoice Template to create and send professional invoices in minutes.

Customize and Send Catering Invoices in Minutes

Cooking up delicious food and tasty treats is in your job description. But if you run a catering business, it’s likely that you have to handle a lot of other business tasks behind the scenes. How do you ensure that you get paid for your work, equipment and supplies? With the Free Catering Invoice Templates, you can bill for all of your services with ease. Simply download the template, edit, and send.

The catering invoice template is available in Microsoft Word, making it easy to customize your invoices within your favorite software.


Many caterers choose Excel to customize their invoices since it is perfect for long, itemized lists. The sorting and calculating features are money-saving and convenient.


Create invoices from any device as long as you have an internet connection when you download the catering invoice templates for Google Sheets.

Google Sheets

Invoicing the Right Way

Send recurring invoices, accept online payments and manage your business finances all in one place with convenient invoicing software.

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Half of the battle in creating an invoice is choosing the perfect template to guide you through the process. The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a catering pricing template is that it should be industry specific. Different services need to be billed differently, so we’ve created our industry-specific templates with that in mind.

Create an invoice that accurately reflects your graphic design skills. Add your logo, preferred color scheme and more.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Freelance writers bill in a variety of different ways. Fortunately, our freelance writing invoice template is simple to customize. Bill your clients the way you want.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Customize our auto repair invoice template in Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets and more. The power is in your hands.

PDF, Google Docs

Are you ready to build the best invoice? With the help of our construction invoice template, creating professional invoices is a breeze.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Our plumbing invoice template is made to be customized. Create an invoice that works best for your business.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Ready to create a picture-perfect invoice? Our photography invoice template is just what you need to bill your clients the right way.

PDF, Microsoft Word

As a caterer, you likely thrive on referrals. This means you have to be making a great impression on your clients every step of the way. Your professionalism should extend to the billing stage and beyond. Use our free catering invoice sample and food invoices to let your clients know that you are serious about your business.

Create a catering bill that lets your clients know what they owe for your services, but can be kept in your files as an accurate financial record. Receipts are extremely helpful when it comes to filing taxes. Our sample invoices will truly lighten your load when it comes to bookkeeping for your catering business.

Whether you run a catering business, a restaurant or a food service, you need to send invoices in order to get paid. But have you considered the other benefits of creating catering invoices, food invoices and more?

A well-written catering bill isn’t just meant to be paid and thrown away. It serves as a record that you can use to file taxes or track the growth of your business. Explore the other convenient benefits of using a catering invoice template.

✔ Create professional catering invoices in minutes
✔ Keep track of important client information
✔ Record important figures that are useful come tax time
✔ Customize the sample catering invoice to best suit the needs of you and your clients
✔ Save money by creating your own catering invoice for free
✔ Download in .DOC, PDF, .XLS and more customizable formats

Get Started with a Sample Catering Invoice

The kitchen is your showroom, so we understand that you’d rather spend time there than in the office creating invoices. Our powerful invoicing software is designed to take the weight of invoicing off of your shoulders so that you can spend more time doing what you love and less time doing clerical work.

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Cooking is your specialty, and invoicing is ours. Fortunately, invoicing is simple once you get the hang of it, especially when you have a catering invoice sample on-hand. Ready to create detailed catering invoices fast? Download our free catering invoice template to get started.

Once you’ve opened your document in the program of your choice, add your branding to make it your own. You should include your business’s name, logo and contact information. Come up with a unique invoice number and add it to the top with the invoice date.

Next, add in your client’s contact details and a list of charges made to their account. Include prices and a description of each item they’ve purchased. Calculate the total and add it to the top of the invoice.

Finally, send the catering invoice on its way via email or regular mail. Now you’re on track to get paid for your catering services.

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