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Greasy hands and overalls are your typical office attire, but you’re a boss, nonetheless. That’s why we created the Auto Repair Invoice Template to make billing your customers as simple as ever. Just download the template, add details and send.

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Switching out tires, changing the oil and fixing vehicle engines is all part of the auto repair services you offer your clients. For any mechanic, it takes real grease and elbow grease to do the work and provide the service that you do. That’s why you deserve to get paid for all your hard labor.
Now you have unlimited access to ready-made invoices templates to help you bill your business clients for your auto repair services. No need to be an accountant to start invoicing like a pro. Simply choose the auto repair bill template for you.

Create detailed mechanic receipts with Microsoft Word by downloading our pre-made auto repair invoice template. Add payment details, custom labels, business info, contact info and more.


As a mechanic, you need a fillable auto repair invoice that you can whip up in minutes. Excel makes it simple to create custom bills in no time.


Create auto repair invoices from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Download the free auto repair invoice template for Google Sheets.

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Send Auto Repair Bills to Your Clients

Between labor and parts and operating expenses, running an auto repair shop can be expensive. With our invoices you can make sure you get paid for your business services the right way. Accept online payment, track business growth and more.

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Every auto service shop is a little different. You may order and bill for parts, clean up, labor, repairs and so much more. You need an auto repair invoice that fits the custom services you offer and will get you paid the right way.

Bill your clients for auto repair services, labor and more with our downloadable auto repair bill template.

Microsoft Word, PDF

Are you a car mechanic? Get paid for your hours fixing vehicles put in with a professional auto repair invoice. With our software you simply download the template, fill it out and send.

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

You make cars run as good as new, so once the work is done, you deserve to get paid for your service the right way. Download the car repair invoice template to get started.

PDF, Google Docs

If you provide automotive service, you help keep the roads safe and your clients happy. Create and send an auto repair invoice for your vehicle services today.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs

Do you fix and paint cars? Collect payment for your body shop with the invoice template made for your industry.

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

Send business receipts to your customers for auto shop services. Keep these printed or digital invoices on file for your business records.

PDF, Microsoft Word

Typos are pesky and embarrassing, especially when you’re trying to come across as professional to your clients. When you follow an auto repair invoice template, you’re less likely to make any major mistakes or leave out important information about the service your shop provided. You can be sure to include the details you need to get paid correctly and on time.

Using an automotive repair invoice template is great because it allows you to customize to best reflect your auto shop. You can also give detailed descriptions on the invoices of the vehicle repair services provided and what steps the client must take to pay their fees for the service provided. Following an invoice template is the best way to create professional invoices in minutes.

You and your shop work hard each day making sure that your clients’ vehicles are running well and looking good. Naturally, you want to get paid for your hard work. But did you know that well-written invoices can provide other purposes beyond collecting payment?

Reap the benefits of using an auto repair invoice template.

✔ Create professional auto repair invoices in minutes
✔ Organize your client’s account information
✔ Stay on top of past due and missing payments
✔ Download in several great apps and programs
✔ Keep important financial information on file for tax time
✔ Save money by creating your own invoices

Tired of Invoicing?

Even with an auto repair invoice template invoicing can get time-consuming. On the other hand, hiring an accountant can be expensive. If you’re looking for a happy medium that saves both time and money, our bookkeeping software is perfect for you. Get started for free.

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When you invoice with one of our auto repair invoice templates, you can create bills in a matter of minutes. Start by downloading the free auto repair invoice template as a pdf or doc. Add your logo, labels, color scheme and preferred font so that the document reflects your brand. Fill in your shop and/or business name and contact information on the invoices.

Create a unique invoice number and put it at the top with the date. Add the client’s name, car info, and contact information to the invoices. Next, break down the vehicle services you’ve provided with descriptions and costs for each service. Add up the total and list it in bold near the top of the document.

Write out any terms, conditions and payment instructions. This step is very important because it helps your clients understand how to pay the bill. Send your printed or digital completed invoice to the customer to get on the road to collecting your cash.

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