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Your invoice is a reflection of your business. It should be professional, thorough, and delivered on time. 

However, sometimes creating an invoice doesn’t feel as simple as it should. When you’re starting from scratch on Excel, creating an invoice that represents your business can be tedious and time-consuming. 

You’ll want to ensure that your invoice is accurate and thorough so that your client knows exactly what they’re paying for. At the same time, your invoice should have a streamlined and elegant design, as it’s representing your business. And most importantly, it should be delivered on time — so your client can arrange to pay you when they should.

Fortunately, there are many online and mobile tools that can simplify this invoicing process for you. Freshbooks’ Invoice Creator application is optimized for the on-the-go professional, and it enables you to send invoices to clients in a matter of minutes.

The hard part of the job is done — we’re here to help you with what should be the easy part. 


Create a Sleek Invoice From Your iPhone

It might seem like a computer is necessary for creating a sleek invoice. But for professionals who are constantly on the move, taking the time to sit at a computer and create an invoice – and deliver it right on time – requires a lot of time and effort.

It’s easy to get fed up when you’re inputting numbers into Excel and then exporting documents into PDFs, all while trying to make the design look streamlined and professional. And after the work is done, why should creating an invoice take so much time away from your busy schedule?

The working professional needs a different solution. We kept that in mind when we designed the Invoice Creator app for iPhone — now, you can create and send invoices on iOS in two minutes. You can create invoices on the subway, or when you’re waiting in line to buy groceries, all within your mobile invoicing app.


Easy to Use Invoice Creation, Wherever You Are

An invoice creation app should be streamlined and easy to use. With the Invoice Creator app for iPhone, there’s no configuring your way around complicated designs or unnecessary details. Rather, the app enables you to get straight to the point. 

When you open the app, there are two options: view or edit past invoices, or create a new invoice.

If you’re creating a new invoice, you’ll first pick one of two professional invoice templates. Then, you simply input your information and your client’s information into the system. The app generates a PDF within seconds, which you can then send to your clients. 

The design is automatically optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop. That means that no matter how your client views your invoice, it will appear professional.


Designing an Elegant Invoice on iOS

Your invoice is another way of showing the style and professionalism of your business. Think of it as another marketing tactic — you want to be organized and attentive to detail so that clients want to do business with you again.

When it comes to design, keep your invoice simple but clear. The Invoice Creator app offers two pre-made templates to choose from, both of which prioritize clarity. 

However, an invoice should also be slightly unique to your brand. If you have a logo, make sure you upload it to Invoice Creator. A logo helps clients identify and differentiate your brand. If your client receives many invoices, spotting your logo at the top of their invoice will help them remember you without having to read any further information.

Then, you can choose a color on Invoice Creator to complement your logo. That color will be added to the template design you’ve chosen.


What’s Really Important: Payments

When it comes to calculating total costs, it’s obvious that using any computer program makes a huge difference. Fortunately, we’re far past the days of having no system to calculate data for us. But using an invoice app on your iPhone or Android does far more than just that.


Charging Your Client via an Invoice App

You can input all the standard information into the app — items, services, rates, and quantity. Invoice Creator will compile all your data into a streamlined look. But while you’re inputting data, you’ll also have an opportunity to describe specific charges.

It’s important to be transparent — your client should know exactly what they are being charged for. Charges that are unaccounted for might seem arbitrary, and they can raise eyebrows.

So, if you’re a freelance photographer, describe the specific editing techniques you used on the photos. If you’re working in construction, describe the material and labor that the client is being charged for. 

Good invoicing apps will give you the opportunity to offer a description of your services so that you can be as transparent as possible with your clients. With the Invoice Creator app, you can also add taxes to individualized items, if applicable.


When Your Client is Paying You

An invoice system helps you keep track of your finances. All of your clients’ information is stored in one system, and your projected cash flow is right in front of you. 

Without an invoicing system, it’s harder to stay organized. And if you’re not organized about what you’re owed, some clients might not compensate you fairly.

The Invoice Creator app lets you know when you have an outstanding balance. When you have all the information stored on an Android or iPhone app, you can always check what you’re owed — whenever and wherever you need to. You’ll be able to more easily keep track of money that’s coming in. Plus, you can easily mark an outstanding balance as paid once you receive payment from your client.


As Your Business Grows

For many businesspeople, the Invoice Creator app covers all the necessary basics. You can finish your work, input some numbers, generate a sleek invoice, and get paid. As easy as that.

The Invoice Creator app is great if you only have a couple invoices to send or if you don’t have many clients to juggle. If your business is growing, however, and you’re looking for more ways to keep your finances accounted for, you might want to download a more advanced tool.

When you’re looking at your Invoice Creator app, you’ll see a little pizza slice on the bottom right of your phone’s screen. That pizza slice invites you to try out Freshbooks, which takes your accounting and invoicing abilities to the next level. 

Maybe you want an easy, integrated way to track your time and expenses, so you can keep track of costs on the go. For freelancers who work by the hour, this is a great way to keep track of time. If you’re doing construction, you can keep track of all the materials you’ve bought for a client’s project so that they can be billed accordingly.


With Freshbooks, You’ll Also Have the Opportunity to… 

  • Store client information
  • Send recurring invoices
  • Send payment reminders
  • Charge late fees
  • Receive customized financial insights

If you’re looking for a more advanced accounting approach, you can upgrade to Freshbooks for free for a month. Check it out and see if it suits your business’s needs. 

Meanwhile, the Invoice Creator is always here, both online and in the invoice app for iPhone — because your work should be done when the job is done. 


Why an Invoice Creation App?

Whether you’re an independent freelancer or a small business leader, your work makes your clients’ lives easier. It’s time for your life to be easier, too.

Although it’s just a small part of a big picture, don’t underestimate the importance of sending out a good invoice. After the work is done, receiving an invoice is one of the last interactions your client will have with you, and you’ll want to leave them with a good impression.

Your invoice should make your client recall the quality of your services and encourage them to work with you again. That’s why it’s imperative that your invoice positively reflects your business. 

An invoice app for iphone can help you get all that done. Within minutes, you’ll have a sleek, accurate and streamlined invoice.

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