How to Write an Invoice

Invoices are an essential part of running a business. The best way to produce professional invoices is to use an invoice template software to ensure all the vital information is included and your business correspondence conveys confidence.

There isn’t a prescribed structure you must use. Still, the key is to ensure that all the information on your invoice is available, and easy to read at a glance.

Client convenience is king. A well-structured invoice will encourage faster payments, improve customer relations, and set the tone of competence you need to convey – so it’s well worth taking the time to get these essential documents right!

What Information is Important to Include on an Invoice?

There are a few crucial details you should always include on every invoice, which we’ll cover below. This information is vital so your client can make stress-free payments. 

It’s also essential to ensure your invoices are accurate since this is a formal piece of business documentation. Invoices may be required in the future if you need to pursue a missing payment, file your tax return, or reconcile issues with your bank account, for example.

Therefore, you’ll need to be able to double-check what you have invoiced, to which client, and whether or not payment has arrived.

Essential Invoice Details

You should include:

  • Itemized lists of services or goods, and the charge for each separate item with a total at the bottom.
  • Separate figures to indicate any sales tax or delivery charges included in the final balance.
  • The name and contact information of both your business and your client.
  • The date at which the invoice is due and the bank details or payment information the client will need to pay the invoice.

It’s also important to make sure the document has the word ‘Invoice,’ preferably at the top and in a large, bold font. 

Using invoice template software is the easiest way to safeguard against missing out on any of this information and makes the process infinitely more manageable.  Invoice template software can also be used to raise a receipt

What is the Best Way to Format an Invoice?

The best practice for invoice formatting is as follows:

  • A font of at least size 12. Choose a style that isn’t elaborate or ornate, as they  can be difficult to read. It;s best to stick with common fonts.
  • A table or grid to break down the costs. 
  • Subtotals of all items on the invoice, followed by the total. This figure should be in bold, so it’s easy to find the total amount due

Many invoice templates offer the option to add a remittance slip at the bottom. This is optional and you can use your discretion to determine whether you feel a payment slip would be helpful to your clients.

If you’re wondering how to write an invoice for a new client, the optimal solution is to use an intelligent software solution. Invoice templates ensure that each document is laid out uniformly and customized to your business branding.

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