Five Android Tools to Save Freelancers Time and Money

Since freelancers are in charge of their own operations, client management, and accounting, they generally don’t have time or money to waste. An efficient freelancer is one who is resourceful and knows what android app tools work and don’t work for their business needs. The following tech tools are an excellent option for freelancers who want to step up their game and make their business lives a little bit easier by saving them time and money. 

1. Time Tracking

Time is not a luxury for any freelancer, but it can be difficult to keep track of time efficiently. This is why a manual time tracker can help you stay on track and get work done. Having the clock tick can help you waste less time, since you know that every minute you’re not working, you may be losing out on potential clients and projects. Switching to a digital time tracking tool like Toggl will allow you to track your time while working on different projects for different clients. Toggl also creates detailed reports of your activity and gives tips on improving your time management. You can also show this to your client for full transparency, so they know that you’ve spent your time (and their money) in an efficient way. 

2. Calendar

Staying on top of all of your due dates means you won’t accidentally miss a meeting with a potential client because you forgot to write it down! That’s why it’s important to have a great calendar app or tool at your disposal. Google Calendar is an obvious choice, as it’s such a versatile tool that lets you sync different calendars at the same time. This means you can have all of your calendars in one place. You can also color code different appointments and even set blocks of time to “work” and receive notifications. This will make it easier to stay on track and stop wasting time. 

3. Invoices

 The best way to save money and time is to invest in yourself! When it comes to getting paid, make it easy and painless for both yourself and your clients. A great freelancer creates professional looking invoices for their clients, and invoice tools allow you to create a record of all of your time spent working and get paid in a timely manner. It can also track expenses and payments to help you save money and time. That means no more wasting time creating separate documents or having to log into different accounts. A good invoice tool is also nice to look at and easy to read, so when your clients see it they know you’re organized and professional.

4. To-Do List

If you’re a freelancer, chances are you’re working on more than a few projects at one time. You can also have plenty of different-sized tasks that vary from day to day. That’s why a fundamental piece in any productivity system is a To-Do list, which can increase productivity tenfold. Maybe you’ve tried pen and paper lists, but this can become tedious and disorganized very quickly. That’s why tools like Todoist can help you ditch your paper To-Do lists, so that you can create custom lists for all areas of your life. 

5. Note taking

A good freelancer keeps all of their notes organized and in one place. The more time you waste shuffling through piles of notebooks and scribbled on napkins, the more money you’re wasting. An online note taking app like Evernote could save you lots of time and energy. With a note taking tool, you can create and organize different notebooks and keep all of your ideas in one safe place. Evernote makes it easy to sync your notes across all of your devices. One of the best features is the ability of importing PDFs, audio files, and scan handwritten notes. This tool is a great choice for anyone trying to clean up their desk and computer space.

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