Does Microsoft Word have invoice templates?

For many small business owners who are looking to save costs one of the first ways they do so is by creating their own invoices. This is because invoices are the tool that allow a business to generate revenue. Without invoices there will be no way for their clients or customers to pay them. Oftentimes a small business owner will turn to Microsoft Word to solve their troubles, many people already have the program installed and are familiar with how to use it. Those with experience should not have a hard time formatting and filling out the document themselves. 

How to Create an Invoice in Word

To create an invoice in Microsoft Word simply click on “File” then “New.” In the “Search for Online Templates” field enter in “invoice” this will bring up a list of templates displayed in a thumbnail. Select the one that is best suited for your needs and click on “Create” to copy that template into a Word doc. 

From here you can go from field to field filling in any relevant info and adjusting formatting to suit your needs. This part of the process can be somewhat time consuming depending on your level of experience and sometimes it is nearly impossible to get the exact formatting you want. Also once the customer receives your homemade invoice it will limit them on the methods of payment they can use to fulfill the invoice. 

There is a Better Way

The way to address these shortcomings is cheaper than you think. Online invoice template generators are a great solution for new small business owners who are looking for a professional way to manage their invoices without paying the high costs of accounting software. 

What can you do with an invoice template generator?

Free online invoice template generators make running a business so much easier because they can automatically fill out invoices, send invoices to your clients on a set schedule, offer a way for your clients to pay their invoice with a credit card or through online pay services, and also add a level of professionalism that is hard to achieve on your own. However, not all online resources for invoice template generators offer the same features so it is important to research a few different kinds of software before you decide which is best for you. 


One commonly used online invoice template generator is Zoho Invoice which allows users to choose from a large variety of premade templates or even import their own if they’d like. Zoho also enables a business’s clients to pay their invoices with credit card or through online gateways. While Zoho addresses the shortcomings of using Word for your invoices, it has some of its own as well. When you first start to use the software you will have access to all of the normal features that the paid service includes, however the free version only allows you to have up to 5 clients at a time. While this may work for a short time for a growing business, they will soon be paying for the upgrade or moving all of their information to another free service. 

Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks

Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks has become one of the most popular applications for small businesses who are looking to use an online invoice template generator because it is extremely easy to use while also offering its accounting services for free. Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks offers many of the same services as Zoho, without having a cap on the amount of clients you can add to your portfolio and having the added feature of letting the business see where and when their client opened the invoice. One of the reasons Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks is a top choice is because of their level of guidance through filling out an invoice. Even those with no experience with accounting don’t have to worry when they are using Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks. Free Invoice Creator by FreshBooks also offers a complete accounting software package that for a low monthly cost will allow you to do even more with your invoices, while also unlocking features such as time-keeping, paysheets, and more!

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