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What Do Invoices Need to Include?

If you’re sending out invoices for goods or services, it’s essential to include the correct information so that they are legally valid. But what do invoices need to include? Crucial information consists of the date, company details, value, description of the charges, and an invoice reference number. We’ll explain these in a little more detail, … Continued

by Staff Member May 3, 2021


Is it Legal to Change an Invoice Date?

If you’re running a business where you sell your services or products to different clients and customers, you must be sending them invoices after the work has been completed. You will raise the invoice request once you have supplied the services that you have promised for or the products that you have sold. The invoice … Continued

by Staff Member March 24, 2021


How to Invoice Without a Company

If you’re a freelancer who has been conducting business but are wondering how to invoice a client without actually being a company, you’ve come to the right place. In a nutshell, if you;re an individual offering services or products to different customers, and want to invoice your clients for these, there are a few things … Continued

by Staff Member March 22, 2021


When Do You Invoice A Customer?

Whether you run a company or you’re a freelancer, you probably know by now that invoices are some of the most important legal documents to keep track of. Apart from their obvious purpose of getting you paid on time and keeping a record of sales, invoices smooth out the bookkeeping process and provide legal evidence … Continued

by Staff Member March 20, 2021


What is an Itemized Invoice?

Although invoices are legally necessary for businesses and freelancers, and they’re essential for getting paid on time, they’re often done in a hurry and lack important details. For example, a web developer who has just created a website from scratch can draft an invoice that says “website development” under the Description, Quantity 1, and then … Continued

by Staff Member March 18, 2021


How To Calculate Days Outstanding for Overdue Invoices in Excel

Issuing invoices and chasing outstanding payments is one of those administrative tasks that no entrepreneur or business owner dreams of when starting a company. However, paid invoices are just as crucial to a company’s success as the very products or services it sells in the first place. Without invoices, a company has no chance of … Continued

by Staff Member March 16, 2021


How Long to Keep Invoices for Businesses

The paperwork and administrative side of running a business can seem never-ending at times. The piles of paper or the constant filing of emails are not anything that entrepreneurs dream of when they start a company. However, having robust administration in place is one of the key ways a company can ensure they are a … Continued

by Staff Member March 14, 2021


Are Invoices Required by Law?

There are so many different legal requirements for many different types of business to adhere to that it can be difficult to know what laws apply to a company and what laws do not. Robust legal compliance can be an onerous task at first, but it’s critical to be on the right side of the … Continued

by Staff Member March 12, 2021


Is a Quote the Same as an Invoice?

The administrative side of running a business should never be underestimated or overlooked. There is always more paperwork than business owners ever anticipate, and it will always take longer than first thought. Even with the best processes and procedures in place, staying on top of recording all the incomings and outgoings of your businesses as … Continued

by Staff Member March 10, 2021


How to Send an Invoice for Freelance Work

It’s the freelance circle of life — you pitch the job, you get the job, do the job, bill the job, and get paid for the job. Right? If any piece of the circle fails, everything after it becomes a headache — especially not getting paid for the job. Billing and getting paid for your … Continued

by Staff Member March 8, 2021