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How to Ask a Customer to Pay an Invoice

Asking for payment for services you’ve provided can seem daunting, especially to freelancers or business owners who are just entering into an industry. More often than not, clients you’re working with are happy to pay for the services you provided for them — that’s how the transaction works! Once in a while, however, you will … Continued

by Staff Member February 8, 2021


How Many Invoices Can One Person Process?

What is an invoice?  An invoice is a receipt that is issued when a seller sells something to another individual or a company. This document states the details of the transaction, including the products, quantities, and prices. In addition, the payment terms are included in the invoice. The invoice can be paid right away or … Continued

by Staff Member February 6, 2021


What is the Difference Between a Statement and Invoice?

Throughout the business world there are interchangeable concepts and terms. However, when it comes to how and when you are to be paid, it pays to know the actual terms. For instance, the terms statement and invoice are often used interchangeably, but have different meanings. The two are similar in certain ways, but they are … Continued

by Staff Member January 29, 2021


What is the Difference Between a Receipt and Invoice?

Business is wrought with various terms to learn and things to remember. Where everyone may not be a natural at running a business, it’s certainly something that can be learned. Among the terms you will have to learn with any type of business is receipt and invoice. These terms can sometimes be used interchangeably — … Continued

by Staff Member January 27, 2021


How to Organize Invoices for Small Business

When entrepreneurs start businesses, it’s so often done with a passionate idea about offering a product or service that they think will disrupt the market. One aspect that so many individuals do not dream of when running their businesses, however, is the finance side of things and how to keep on top of inflows or … Continued

by Staff Member January 25, 2021


How Many Invoice Can Be Processed in a Day?

Invoicing clients and customers is key to a business staying a business. Without invoicing clients, there will not be any money coming into the company and as a result, the possibility of  going bankrupt may result. That idea is simple, yet so many small businesses suffer from poor cash flow from ineffective invoicing. Poor cash … Continued

by Staff Member January 23, 2021


Do You Put Bank Details on Invoice?

Quick payments are the lifeblood of any business. However, receiving payments for your products and services alone isn’t enough — they need to be done in a timely manner in order to avoid a stifled cash flow and ensure your operations continue to run smoothly. One of the best ways to accelerate payments is to … Continued

by Staff Member January 21, 2021


Do You Need to Sign an Invoice?

Confusion as to whether or not suppliers need to sign their invoices typically stems from a lack of clarity on what this business document really is. Because of this conundrum, this article will start off by establishing exactly what an invoice is — and what it’s not. Put simply, an invoice is a document that … Continued

by Staff Member January 19, 2021


Can You Write Off Unpaid Invoices?

Providing goods and services as a freelancer or self-employed individual can be a precarious business since there’s no absolute guarantee that you’ll get paid. While the vast majority of transactions go smoothly, there are always some invoices that remain troublesome. If there’s an outstanding payment which has been vigorously chased, there comes a point when … Continued

by Staff Member January 17, 2021


Can You Cancel An Invoice?

Invoicing is an essential part of doing business, so it’s very important that every tiny detail is recorded correctly. Even with the best of intentions, however, it’s easy for mistakes to be made while invoicing. And even if you don’t make any slip-ups, you might still need to cancel the invoice if the customer requests … Continued

by Staff Member January 15, 2021