Create Custom Invoice Templates Using Our Free Invoice Generator

Creating an invoice can be fast and simple with the free invoice generator tool.

You can use this tool to create invoices for your business in only a few minutes. The tool includes everything invoice templates that are ready to send to your clients.


Invoice Creator By FreshBooks

It’s simple to use, easy to navigate and allows you to automatically create and send invoices in just seconds, anywhere at any time.

Why use an invoice generator to create custom invoice templates?

As a small business owner or freelancer, you have your hands full.


From managing  every dollar of your business finances to keeping your clients happy, it may feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


An invoice maker helps you spend more time on what matters most in your business and less time fussing with complicated invoicing tools. With an invoice generator, you will see your dollar go a long way when you can create professional invoice templates and start getting paid right away.


The free invoice generator saves you time

Rather than trying to figure out how to design invoice templates on your own, you can use the free invoice generator to automatically make them in a matter of minutes.


You can:

  • Save time compared to manually filling out templates
  • Organize your invoices effectively
  • Create professionally designed invoice templates
  • Accept payments a variety of ways
  • Create templates in printer-friendly format
  • Ensure you get paid the right way and on time


The invoice maker saves you time and money compared to other methods and invoice tools — it’s definitely a dollar well spent. That means you have more time to spend focusing on what you do best.


Benefits of using an invoice generator

There are many benefits to using an online invoicing tool.


It allows you to:

  • Create an invoice from a blank template
  • Customize your invoice templates with your business information (email, company name, phone number, etc.)
  • Add service details, descriptions and prices
  • Customize your invoice number, color and currency
  • Download and share them in PDF format


You can see that the benefits to using the invoice generator are nearly endless when it comes to creating invoice templates for your business.


You will save a lot of time and money compared to using standard free or paid invoice templates, using an expensive tool or hiring a bookkeeper.


Now, instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to make invoices on your own, you can automatically geneate a new invoice for your client or customer in just a few minutes.

How to Make an Invoice With Invoice Generator

Creating an invoice is simple and easy with an online invoice generator.


We have written step-by-step instructions on how to create a new invoice, as well as what information to include in your invoice templates.


Use the tool to create an invoice that includes all necessary sections and allows for full customization. Starting with a blank template, you will learn how to create a bill that is tailored to your clients and business.


Instructions on how to create an invoice

  1. Select “Create an Invoice” from the invoice creator tool
  2. Choose a template
  3. Customize your template by adding a logo and brand colors
  4. Add in your company details, including business name, address, phone number and email address in the “From” field
  5. Fill out your client’s details in the “For” field, including their name, business name, address, email address and phone number
  6. Fill out the line items for each service provided, adding in the description, rate and quantity for each
  7. Specify the tax rate, currency (US dollar or otherwise) and discounts, if applicable
  8. Note accepted payment methods and payment instructions and terms
  9. Select “Email Invoice” or “Download as PDF”
  10. Send invoice


Create shareable and printable invoices

With the invoice maker, you can generate shareable and printable invoices at the same time.


After you have created your invoice, it is simple to share or download your invoice as a PDF by selecting the option of your choice.


This saves you a lot of time compared to using Microsoft Word or Excel, where you need to run through the steps of converting your invoice into a PDF, saving in the right format and making sure it is viewable on mobile and desktop.


Then, you can email the invoice directly to your clients or invite them to view the invoice via a link.

How to Fill Out an Invoice

You don’t need to be an accountant in order to generate your invoices. To make the process even easier for you, we have outlined the essential information you need to include on your new customer invoices in order to get paid the right way and on time.


Read through the invoice elements below to make sure that you have all of the information you need.


Essential elements of an invoice

These are the key components of an invoice. Add this information to your invoice template to create professional and thorough invoices.


    1. Invoice Heading


The invoice heading identifies that the document is an invoice and can assist in helping you organize important documents. Many business owners include their business logo and branding here to ensure that their clients know that the new invoice is from them.


Having a heading on your invoices saves you time when it comes to reviewing your records, organizing your business finances and filing your taxes.


    1. Company name and contact information


Every invoice should clearly state who the invoice is from and include important contact information. Not only does this provide clients with contact details in case there is an issue, such information is often required when it comes to billing.


    1. Client name and details


Each invoice also includes the name and information of the client or customer that the invoice is being sent to. This information applies to billing procedures as well.


It’s best to include your client’s name, business name, address, email address and phone number. You may also add their website URL and VAT number, if applicable.


    1. Invoice number


The invoice number is a unique number that’s included at the top of each invoice. Invoice numbers help you organize your invoices and keep track of payment status.

Be sure that every time you send a new invoice it has a different invoice number. The invoice creator automates this for you.


    1. Invoice date


Add an invoice date to your invoice so that you know when the online invoice was sent. Then you can file your invoices by date for easy organization.


    1. Description of services rendered


Your invoice template includes fields to note which services were provided, along with a description for each. That way your clients know exactly where their dollar is going without any confusion.


    1. Costs of services


The invoice includes an itemized list of services with the rate of each service. Then, you can add up the costs and note the total payment due at the bottom of the invoice.


    1. Amount due


Add up the costs of all services provided and note this as the total at the bottom of the invoice. You may also apply discounts, added fees and the tax rate to this total.


    1. Payment terms, conditions and instructions


The payment terms and conditions are often an overlooked element of the invoice, but they are so essential.


This section explains to your client how they should pay you, what your refund policy is and more. It’s important to clearly state what the penalties are for late payments.


It also notes what payment methods are accepted, such as credit card, cash, check or PayPal. You may also accept payments via bank transfer and thus want to include your bank name and account number.

How to Send an Invoice

Your invoice template is filled out, customized and ready to send. Now, how do you send an invoice so that you can start seeing dollar signs for your services?


You can then email your invoice, download it as a PDF or share it as a link. If you email or send your invoice via a link, your client or customer can then download and print the invoice themselves.


If you want to send recurring invoices or accept online payments, then you may want to use online invoicing and accounting software to get those automatically sent.

Alternative Invoicing Tools

Using the invoice creator is a great first step in making professional invoices. However, you may find that you want more customizable options or flexibility in how you send your invoices.


While free templates allow you to send your invoices via email, PDF or link, online invoicing software allows for a wide range of options.


With online invoicing software you can:

  • Send invoices directly to your clients
  • Specify a billing schedule
  • Fully customize your online invoice
  • Accept online payments
  • Track payment status
  • Organize your business finances
  • See your earnings at a glance
  • Keep a record of client details
  • and much more


You can save loads of time spent filling out invoices manually by switching to online invoicing software that automatically does it for you. That means you’ll have more time to focus on what you love in your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about creating invoices? We’ve answered all of the most common questions about creating invoices below.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a statement that you send to clients that notes the services or products rendered and the costs for each. It is a way to receive payment for your services.

Is the online invoice generator free?

The Invoice Creator is completely free for you to use to create online invoices for your business.

Upgrades are available if you are looking for more customizable invoice options.

What does a sample invoice look like?

Every business is a little different, so their invoices will be too.

However, here are some sample invoices for you to check out to help you fill out your own invoices.

Can I add my business logo to my invoice?

Yes. Each new invoice allows you to add your business logo and colors in order to make them branded for your business.

How do I send an invoice?

You can send an invoice via email, as a PDF or as a link.

If you want to send recurring invoices, you may want to upgrade to a paid invoicing software.

Can I create an invoice in PDF format?

Yes. Simply choose “Download as PDF” at the top of the document. You can then print the PDF or send the document to your client via email.

How do I invoice by the hour?

The free invoice generator custom-creates a template that suits your business needs. If you are a freelancer or service provider that bills an hourly dollar rate, you can create an invoice that includes options for billing for hourly services.

Can I accept online payments?

Free templates do not usually allow for you to accept online payments from the client or customer. You can, however, accept payments via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or some other third-party billing platform.

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