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Invoice Creator Frequently Asked Questions

What goes on an invoice?

Sending detailed, professional invoices for your business is the surest way to get paid the right way by your clients.

In order for your clients to know how and when to pay you, you will need to be sure to include all of the required information.

With the free invoice creator, you can be sure that you aren’t missing any of the essential elements.

Every invoice will include:

  • Contact Information: Be sure to add your name, business name, address, phone number, email address and business branding (such as your logo) to the invoice. Add your client’s information to the invoice as well
  • Invoice Date & Invoice Number: Every invoice will have a unique invoice number that allows you to keep your invoices organized. It will also state the date that the invoice was sent
  • Services & Rates: To avoid confusion and delay, you will want to outline which services were provided, plus the description and rate for each. This ensures that your client knows exactly what they are paying for
  • Sales Tax: Be sure to apply all of applicable charges before you calculate the total amount due. After all, you will have to pay these fees come tax time
  • Total Due: Calculate how much your client owes you and note this at the bottom of the invoice
  • Terms & Conditions: Note your accepted payment methods, your refund policy, your privacy policy and more to prevent issues down the road

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What are the benefits of using a free invoice creator?

Small business owners across the world, from North America to the UK, are turning to free invoice creators for their business invoicing.

There are many benefits to using the invoice creator and invoice templates for your business needs.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Completely free
  • Blank, customizable fields
  • Can generate invoices in just a few minutes
  • Downloadable invoices available in Word, Excel and PDF formats
  • Can be printed or sent via email
  • Makes organizing your accounts clear and easy
  • Prevents headaches come tax time

Try the free invoice creator to make professional invoices for your business and see what all the rage is about. Send your first invoice in minutes.

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What are the drawbacks of using the invoice creator tool?

While the invoice creator is free and easy to use, it may not be as robust as some of the invoicing tools out there.

As a freelancer or small business owner, you are likely managing multiple clients at once and the responsibilities can pile up. You may be looking for a “set it and forget it” method that runs on autopilot.

For example, you may have clients that pay on a monthly basis, or prefer to pay online. Invoice creator templates are limited in that you have to manually send out the invoices each month, and you can’t accept online payments.

Some of the drawbacks of using the free invoice creator include:

  • It’s manual: You will have to manually fill in the details for each invoice and send the email yourself each time
  • No easy follow up process: You will have to set reminders for yourself to follow up with clients, which can get hectic as your business grows
  • Longer wait time to get paid: Without online payments, it will take longer to get paid via check, credit card and the like. Other invoicing tools are able to cut this time in half
  • Managing paperwork come tax time: When it is time to do your taxes, you will have to sort all of the paperwork by hand. This can can get confusing without an online filing system
  • Limited customization: While the invoice creator does include some custom fields, you can’t add as many brand elements or fields as you want. This can make things difficult if your business bills for some unique services, bills hourly, etc...

Want to get paid faster and save time on invoicing? Learn more about using online invoicing software today.

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Should I use an invoice template or invoicing software?

Every business has different needs. While the free invoice creator is a great start and will work for most small businesses, the features can be limiting.

With invoicing software you can:

  • Send recurring invoices
  • Automate reminders
  • Accept online payments
  • Create a budget
  • Save client details
  • Organize account information
  • Fully customize your invoice
  • Manage business finances
  • and much more

Using invoicing software allows you to create fully personalized, professional invoices and send them online in just a few seconds. Not only is this option faster than using the free invoice creator tool, it also allows you to get paid quickly via a variety of payment methods.

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Is the invoice creator free every time I use it?

Yes. Every time you use the invoice creator tool it is absolutely free. All of the invoices you create are free to download, print or send to your clients.

If you are looking to level up your invoices with even more features and customization, using the online accounting software may be a better option. You can send recurring invoices, accept online payments, organize your accounts and much more.

You could save over 150 hours per year on your business invoicing by switching to an invoice management and accounting tool.

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Free Invoice Creator

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